The Global Argument

We are numb. Overloaded, overstimulated by the news media, social media, YouTube, and everyone trying to squeeze their voice into the cacophony of the global argument. I wish I could use the word “discussion” here, but that is not the nature of the beast. Arguments consist of people being in the headspace where they cannot receive and understand other points of view. They spew what they believe without listening to others, without contemplating where each person is getting their information, without fact checking. There are no compromises made because no one is willing to give in order to get—it’s all or nothing. There cannot be progress in this headspace.

There will be no progress until we take the global argument out of the picture. With 4.4 billion internet users and 2.77 billion social media users in 2019, there are a lot of opinions being tossed into the internet void spreading hate, anger, lies, and generally dilution of facts and reality.[1]  True discussion requires people to:

• Tell the truth and be authentic.

• Check the accuracy of information on reliable fact-checking websites before sharing it.

• Listen actively to others.

• Ask questions for better understanding, and to make sure the other person has a strong case founded in accurate information and knows what they are talking about.

Looking into the future for the long term, there needs to be more support for quality education, raising kids to be critical thinkers with an articulate, intelligent voice in the community after having done the proper research. We do not need more people spouting their opinions online. We need to cut back on the media noise.

Turn off the inputs, focus on what you yourself bring positively to your community. Eventually, that will improve our world, not trying desperately to get more followers by making the same content on social media as everyone else. Work for businesses that align with your morals, support their goal and message. Find what fulfills you to authentically make this world a better place.

[1]  “Number of Social Media Users Worldwide 2010-2021.” Statista, 2019,


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