The Gift Of Envy In Fulfilling Your Desires…

The Gift Of Envy In Fulfilling Your Desires

Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure.

But also envy.

We usually only pledge our desires at her altar when we want her to help us achieve our desires: generally in the realm of love. In our world, at least as revealed in most articles and images of her that abound throughout the web, she has been reduced to a Playboy Mansion Bunny with superpowers for love and seduction.

No wonder she isn’t happy in our culture.

Just look at all the dysfunctions, illnesses and troubles we collectively face around relationships, love, and wealth. It’s either too much, or not enough. It’s as if Venus (Aphrodite for the Greeks) is running amok, trying to engage us beyond our vision of her as sexy relationship bunny.

From Venus, we receive the gift of beauty itself. She awakens our desires, captures and holds our attention to all that she touches. She helps us see the world as both beautiful and desirable.

She is the spirit of beauty in nature, but also fertility, abundance, and prosperity.

She is often accompanied by Eros (Love): the great magnet and motivator. She also has another in her entourage: Longing (Himeros), which is that unquenchable thirst that propels one onward towards their desires.

Venus gets us going through awakening our desires.

But she too has a shadow: Envy.

In many of her stories, she is competitive and doesn’t take kindly when women were compared to her and be considered as beautiful or more even than Venus herself.

Comparisons triggered her darker motives, and poor was the soul of the mortal woman who was thrown under this mythological bus. Venus would unleash her wrath, and make sure that the life of this mere mortal would be hellish.

Beauty is serious business for Venus.

Venus not only stirs our emotions, but she also intensifies them – internally and towards others.

So what happens when we feel envy?

How could envy be of any use to us, considering that it’s one of the Seven Deadly Sins?

Another aspect of envy is as the awakener for our true desires. That’s what Venus wants us to tap into: the true nature of our desires.

Remember that the etymology of DESIRE means: from the stars.

In many ways, our desires have their origins in our stars, no wonder there’s often a broad sense of validation when we learn about our birth chart, and what it says about our psyche’s makeup. Because in knowing our stars (the ancients considered the planets as wandering stars) we feel connected to what is natural and beautiful to us.

Remember too that the word COSMOS meant beauty, the inherent beauty, and order of the Universe. Again beauty and harmonious order are all under the tutelage of Venus.

So what do we do when we feel envy?

I was exposed to this idea that envy could be an ally, rather than something to push aside for being sinful, through the work of Lindsay Pera from The Mystics Society. In learning about the life cycle of Envy, I could see a deep connection of how we can also work with our own Venus in our birth charts. How does that work?

First envy awakens us to the way that our desires are being manifested in the world.

Remember that Venus intensifies whatever feelings that come up, so in envy, we feel the jolt of our desires as we see it in physical form. It could be the dress that we wanted being worn by a co-worker. It’s our neighbor’s successful job promotion or our best friend’s engagement to the man of her dreams.

Envy doesn’t discriminate.

You may be the most powerful man/woman in the world, and envy may still grab you by your heartstrings. Even the Queen is envious. (Snow White’s Queen was the epitome of envy.)

The difference is on what we do next.

This is the second stage in the envy life cycle.

Use envy as a springboard to engage with the image that has caused it to show up in your life. Do your due diligence, your research on what it is revealing about your own life. Then look at how that image that has caused you to turn green with envy DIFFERS from what you ACTUALLY desire.

Look to the ways that it points to this realization: like that, BUT MY WAY.

So your neighbor got an excellent promotion? Perhaps it’s to a more grueling department, more hours of work, and stress. Maybe it’s to another city or country you wouldn’t even want to visit.

The third stage of this life cycle will beckon you to dig deep and see how in dancing with this envy you are learning more details about what you want.

This is the hardest stage, but be grateful that this envy has shown up in your life. If good things are happening to those close to you, it could also mean that you are now sitting close to the very thing that you want.

Look at it as a sign of MOVEMENT from the Universe, Providence or your Higher Self.

Things are stirring in your world; Venus is announcing herself.

How can you honor her presence?

We know she hates HUBRIS (excessive self-confidence and pride), so don’t even go there.

The fourth stage requires that you ask Venus for help by DOING what gives you pleasure!

Culturally, don’t know how to honor our Venus. We have this collectively assumption that ‘Follow your bliss’ (wise words from Joseph Campbell) is for hippies, or at least a luxury until the bills are due. Thankfully things are changing, albeit slowly.

Enter astrology for the rescue.

Venus inhabits a specific place in our birth charts.

The sign that she inhabits, the house she finds herself in our birth charts illuminates what our bliss is. As we can do more of what we love, gives us pleasure and helps us have a sense of joy, even if for just a few minutes, it goes a long way in helping us feel less gripped by the hand of envy.

Knowing your birth chart, Venus will open the doors of opportunity towards fulfilling your desires, and not be held captive of its shadow: envy. Because envy runs amok when we are not doing what we love and when our self-worth is lacking.

Self-worth is another realm that falls under Venus.

Pleasure leads to confidence which leads to self-worth, which leads to increased attractiveness and ability to bring forth prosperity. These are all Venus realms.

Look to an area of your life that you experience envy.

Sit with that for some time. It’s uncomfortable, but like Venus who often is portrayed looking at herself in the mirror, don’t blink at this starring game. Look at whatever else comes forth from this envy. Show curiosity instead of shaming yourself for these feelings.

Follow the hints that point towards what is really at the bottom of it all. It’s probably the truth of a more profound desire that you have that hasn’t yet been acknowledged.

At first, it won’t be easy, but you will find in envy an unlikely collaborator to the achievement of your desires. Envy has vital wisdom to share, and it behooves us to show discerning curiosity and listen.


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