The Full Moon Of Sagittarius (For All Signs)…

The Full Moon Of Sagittarius (For All Signs)

Hello, Stargazers!

This Full Moon will be on June 17, 2019, at 8:31 AM UTC @ 25° Sagittarius. The chart of this Full Moon has a lot of fire! Plus, it’s the final Full Moon before we enter Summer, a season of fire!

So, there is a lot of heat in the air which can bring irritability, inflammation, angry and fears of losing things. As compensation, we may tend to act like we want to take over the world! Watch out for ego domination and selfish, me-first impulses.

We will, as a collective, have an opportunity to let go of making things “hard” and “complicated”. We will be forced to see why we make things harder than they should be and figure out a way to just step to the side and allow the universe to help us.

We know that everything in this universe is made up of the same matter. If we have set intentions on the New Moon, or at any point in our lives, on the Full Moon we can follow-up with those intentions and see where we stand. We might even need to modify or start over with our intention.

The Question Of This Quest.

In order to see what we need to remove, each Full Moon poses a unique question for reflection, as the Sun and Moon are in opposition – reflecting back to each other asking:

Am I absolutely certain to reach my spiritual goals? If yes, why? If no, why not?

Contemplate this question during the Full Moon window and write down any insights that may come so that you can have a greater idea of what to work on. You can work deeper with this question in my virtual ritual which will be available online.

First, we need to define what are “spiritual goals” and if they are really any different than our “material goals”.

When we look at the nature of our material goals, most of us want a relationship or more money or maybe we even want success at work. However, as confirmed by people who have all that, what we really want is something intangible.

We might try to even attain these intangible goals through greed, pride or entitlement. While we are all promised fulfillment, we are not owed it!

With that said, we can conclude that all material goals are rooted in a spiritual goal. Whether we can attain them or not is will to us.

Distracted With Burdens.

Many times, we are too busy with our own routine and daily burdens. One of the degraded qualities of Sagittarius is blowing things out of proportion and becoming overwhelmed and sometimes even victimized by the demands of our path.

As a survival mechanism, the ego will keep us busy and “satisfied” with dealing with things that we can “handle” to “preserve the balance”. Ultimately, we just add more burden to our load as we stay busy with the outer things so that we don’t have to really look within. Victimization is one of the greatest distractions because we close down and marvel at the “marathons” we are running without even really taking the first step on the track!

True balance should throw us off quilter. Why? Because chances are that we are so off center that when we are being balanced it should really hurt us.

It’s a matter of tempering our ability, to be honest with endurance.

Whenever we keep busy with things that we can handle, or whenever we don’t want to let go of the way things are – we distract ourselves from our spiritual goals.

When we become obsessed with definitions of fairness and self-importance. We think that we are the only ones who can do it and get lost in the perceptions of “right and wrong”, “good or bad”. Add “for me” to the end of those statements and we will forever be locked into a perception of duality and fragmentation.

This payoff is a satisfaction of self-important victimization. Now, how could anyone accomplish their goals with this attitude?

Don’t Be A Loser.

Try not to underestimate the temptation of this attitude, it comes into all of our lives and we need to be willing to honestly see where and when we are employing it.

Otherwise, what tends to happen is that we invite a hole into our goals. An energy gap that creates distance between us and our endpoint. When that hole is left to grow, it will eventually reach a size where our starting point and end point are so far away that we can’t even imagine how we can bring the two together.

We lose the client, we lose the job, we lose the relationship, we lose money, we lose time, we lose space, we become losers. Sagittarius doesn’t want to lose, it’s a fire sign, geared towards success. But, as with all the signs, it holds the potential of its opposite – in this case, to lose (remember, we all have Sagittarius in our charts.)

Sagittarius brings up a lot of challenges, and we will be tested to see how we handle them. Tests are stepping stones towards our spiritual goals. If we can’t pass them, we don’t progress.

It might be judgement, comfort zones, laziness, gossip, lying or whatever. If we can acknowledge them when they are happening, we can realize our certainty about accomplishing them! We will always be winners, even if we lose.

There is a lot of growth and opportunity to be had with this Full Moon in Sagittarius, depending on where it’s happening in your chart. We can temper our actions into that of becoming a winner as we melt down distractive traits. If you’re serious about moving on with the wonderful Full Moon in Sagittarius, you can join in on the virtual ritual.

For easy participation, be sure to download my DASH® Astrology Moon Meditation Workbook to optimize the energies and imagine the life you intend.

I hope you have found this complimentary forecast useful and insightful. If you want to give back and support my work, please consider a donation for this article.

Have a wonderful Full Moon in Sagittarius and I thank you for being the one who makes a difference by using DASH® Astrology.


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