The Four GatesLI 4 & Liv 3…

The Four GatesLI 4 & Liv 3

“The Four Gates” is the most commonly used four-acupoint combination when stimulated bilaterally. The combination of Large Intestine 4 (LI 4) and Liver 3 (Liv 3) are known to enhance the circulation of chi, blood, and body fluids throughout the entire animal’s body. LI 4 moves vital substances in the upper, or front, portion of the body while Liv 3 is responsible for moving vital substances in the lower, or back, portion of the body. Together they are extraordinary movers!

Acupoint Classifications

Both LI 4 and Liv 3 are Yuan-Source points in their own right. As Source points, they direct powerful Original chi, or Source chi, to the Large Intestine and Liver organ systems. LI 4 is also a Master point for the face, mouth, nose, jaw and neck. Because LI 4 is such a powerful point, it is contra-indicated during pregnancy. The Liver organ system is responsible for the harmonious flow of chi and making sure there’s the right amount of chi and blood for all the activities of the body.


The Four Gates is the power-house of circulation. As thus, this combination dispels stagnations anywhere in the body. If vital substances are not flowing smoothly and harmoniously use The Four Gates. Indicators include: constipation, nausea, irregular estrus cycle, headaches, anxiety, frustration, erratic behavior, cold extremities, weak limbs, poor healing of injuries, tumors, metabolic disorders and other forms of stagnation. In other words, if chi, blood, shen (spirit), and body fluids are disrupted and not flowing properly, use The Four Gates.


Equine: LI 4 is found distal and medial to the head of the medial splint bone.

Liv 3 located on craniomedial aspect of the cannon bone at the level of the head of the medial splint bone.

Canine: LI 4 is located between the first (dewclaw) and 2nd metacarpal bones on the medial side of the 2nd metacarpal.

Liv 3 is found between the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal bones at the junction of the metatarsophalangeal joint

Feline: Same location as Canine above.


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