5 Ways You Can Get The Focus Of A Monk…

5 Ways You Can Get The Focus Of A Monk

Monk Focus

When we think of people who have the ability to focus deeply, there are a few stereotypes that come to mind: CEO’s, analysts, corporate big shots, and…monks.

Shocked that monks would be bunched together with these types?

Believe it or not, monks are some of the most focused people in the world.

They work every day to create deeper commitment to their duties- prayer, meditation, and work.

Absorbing some of their habits into your life has the effect of creating powerful focus and profound results.

Here’s how to do it.

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Drop the distractions!

Learning to simplify your life is the number one way to find a peaceful relationship with your environment.

Learn how to curtail checking your text messages, email, and social media.

Let go of anything that’s complicated and overexerting; you’ll be happier for it.

Clear your mind

In India, it’s said that the mind is the cause of bondage and simultaneously the cause of enlightenment.

Contradictory? Sorta.

The mind likes to jump a million places at once, creating distraction and inharmony.

Things like deep breathing, walking, yoga, and meditation all have the effect of clearing the mind and giving focus.

It’s simple, but effective and useful.

Know your limits

Oftentimes, if we’re really busy and feeling overwhelmed, it can become too much.

But once we get to that point, it’s basically too late.

The key is balance.

When you’ve been working for a few hours, studying, or doing anything else that might require a lot of mental focus, taking a break becomes important.

It can be as simple as going for a walk, getting some fresh air, or stretching.

The point is to do something and get some space from your work.

Develop a routine

Moving through life haphazardly can have the effect of creating lots of restlessness.

With a clear and concise schedule, you will be able to move to one thing after the other with focus.

This allows you to be more productive and actually accomplish a great deal.

And who doesn’t like that feeling?

Honor your body

Take care of yourself!

Get enough sleep, eat right, and exercise.

This is the key to balance.

When you’re taking care of yourself, you’re better able to function.

You can accomplish goals more easily and perform at an optimal level.

This way there’s not a single hindrance to finding focus.


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