The First Miracle Of Divine Mother Amma…

The First Miracle Of Divine Mother Amma

“A True Story”

Divine Mother Amma is a spiritual avatar that came to this earthly plane in 1953. She had many trials and tribulations as she started life as a small child. But in the end, she was loved by all and understood to be the incarnation of Krishna.

Coming Into the World

When Divine Mother was born in 1953 her legs were deformed… they were in the lotus position. And she had dark blue skin and her whole family thought she was ill, even though spiritual people told them she would be a special incarnation coming to help humanity. Amazingly within a few days, her legs straightened out completely and her skin became dark brown.

Prayed to Krishna Constantly

But from the day she was born, she was always praying to Krishna. She would pray none stop to Krishna, talk to Krishna, and dance with Krishna. And her whole family thought she was mentally ill. Her family treated her badly and they made her work hard and long hours, and beat her… and most of all they didn’t want her to be the way she was. They were ashamed of her and wanted to hide their daughter from the world.

Her First Miracle

But one day when she finally turned 21 years of age, in the year 1974, she heard some songs be sung to Krishna and she ran over to the house where the music was coming from. And she burst inside and she started to vibrate and her skin turned a dark blue color, and her face changed to the face of Krishna, and she started dancing and singing. And the people in the house could not believe their eyes… and they told everyone that the young girl was the incarnation of Krishna.

And people from miles around came to see Divine Mother… and they asked her to perform a miracle and she refused. Divine Mother said, “I am not here to perform miracles, because you will only want more miracles. I was here to help everyone understand that God lived in your heart”. But all the people persisted and so she finally gave in and said in a week, on the day of celebration to Krishna she would perform a miracle.

From Water to Banana Pudding

So a week past and she went to the same house and all her family went with here to see the miracle. There were thousands of people outside the house trying to get a look at the miracle that she was going to perform.

Then Divine Mother asked for a pitcher of water. And she took the pitcher and asked the owner of the house to put his fingers in the water and show everyone it was water.

Then she took the pitcher of water and prayed over it and gave it back to the owner of the house and asked him to place his fingers in the pitcher. But this time the pitcher was full of milk.

Then she asked for the pitcher back and prayed over it again and then handed it back to the owner of the house and he placed his fingers in the pitcher… but this time it was not milk… it was banana pudding. Banana pudding was one of Krishna’s favorite foods.

The owner of the house could not believe his eyes. He tasted the pudding and it was the best banana pudding he had ever tasted in his life. Then he shared that pudding with all the thousands of people standing nearby… and some people even took pudding home with them. Amazingly, that pitcher of pudding never ran out of pudding. And days later, the pudding people took home with them still tasted great.

Divine Mother is Amazing

Personally, I have to say, that I’ve had my own experiences with Divine Mother Amma and it’s so amazing… she is the hugging saint and she sits and hugs 70,000 people a day. Divine Mother is pure love, and for me, she is absolutely a Divine Avatar that is full of unconditional love.

Divine Mother does come to the US once a year and I highly recommend that you go and see her in person… it’s amazing.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider


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