The Fighter

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I go with the motions of life,

I can’t move forward with all this strife.

All around me,

I can see why I’m hanging on,

I been a fighter

Since the day I was born.

I know it’s always been a game,

This isn’t about fortune and fame.

It’s about my life,

And what I was taught

On what’s wrong

And what’s right.

At this moment,

I can’t see clear.

All I see is love,

And of course love I fear.

I need to stand in the dark,

And face my fears as I walk.

As I go through

Each passing day,

My worries and fears

Are cast Away.

I am learning to look around

At The precious love I have found.

Is it really what I want,

Or do I stand guarded,

From the back to the front.

I need to love

And learn to let go,

Or the process

Of accepting love will never flow.

This will go father

Than any of us will ever know.

The process of life and love,

Will move mountains

Just like Heaven above.

Watch as I stand tall,

Cause everyone thought

I would just fall.

No one would ever know,

That love made me strong,

And LOVE made me grow.

By: Diane Marie Smith

Wrote on Dec 19, 2019


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