The Feminine Economy

What Is The Feminine Economy?

The feminine economy is based on flow not fear.

It’s a mutual energetic exchange of receiving and giving back. Instead of stress it’s a relaxed understanding that it will happen.

Instead of linear growth it’s a spiral of evolutionary assimilated growth drawing on its surroundings instead of a hard edged pushing forward.

Instead of ignorance it’s feeling into now and now and now then changing direction when it doesn’t feel good.

Instead of greed it’s compassion, support and sisterhood.

The feminine economy is upon us.A space lead with heart and not hatred. Business in a feminine economy is all encompassing not exclusive.In tune with our bodies, connected to the earth.

Following joy not jealousy.

Letting Go Of False Beliefs.

I have been thinking a lot about my work/business/play and how I want it to FEEL.



Those were the two words that came to mind.

“How can I make this easier on myself?”

“Is this bringing me joy?”

These are the two questions I ask myself daily in how I want to run and show up in my business.

I’m doing business (and I call it ‘play’ by the way) the ‘Nora’ way. The more I do it the Nora way, the more success I have.

I thought I needed to do launches like THEY did.

I thought I needed to show up in FB groups like THEY did.

I thought I needed to sell like THEY did.

It didn’t work. It left me feeling like I am ’not good enough’.

I go about my days now, fiercely safeguarding my biggest asset; My creativity.

If it doesn’t feel good, I won’t do it. If it doesn’t flow, I won’t do it. If it doesn’t inspire me, I won’t do it.

I decided live my life from a feminine economy perspective.

Deeply in tune with myself.

Receiving. Which in turn allows me to give unconditionally.

I show up as the most of Nora I can. That’s when I book clients. That’s when I get downloads of content for hours. That’s when I can just play with ideas.

Being me has allowed more of me to shine.

The Impact Of Being In The Feminine Economy.

I hardly ‘work’ anymore.

I DO however show up consistently, my main platform is Instagram.

It’s not ‘work’ for me.

I love Instagram stories.

I love DM’ing my followers for deep conversations.

I love making my stories look all pretty.

I love being able to play with my marketing.

All my clients come from Instagram now.

It feels so in line with who I am, I don’t even entertain FB groups anymore.

I Believe In The Feminine Economy. Do You?

Ask yourself this and answer it in the comments below.

How can you be more in tune, in flow, in love with your life?


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Nora Wendel


Nora Wendel is an author, inspirational speaker and feminine embodiment coach. She teaches women how to find self worth and…

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