The Evolution Of Your Soul Work

I feel like there is a common evolution when it comes to your soul work.

It begins with loving something. Yoga, healing, art. You do those things. You realize, too, that you have something to offer. So, you set out to “do.”

You teach classes or do sessions or make beautiful, inspirational art. It feels good. And, you think to yourself, “I can make money with this.”

So you do.

You hang up a shingle and you teach. You create a business. You do your bodywork or Reiki or whatever you do. And you keep doing that until you hit a point where you feel tired.

Tired of the hustle. Maybe even tired that you aren’t making quite the money you want for all that hustle.

It may not be tired you feel, but a need for something more. A level of change you can’t quite put your finger on. You sense there is something else calling you.

This is the point in the evolution of your soul work where it gets interesting.

What’s become the “standard next step” is to focus on your business. You pick a niche and learn heartfelt selling. You create packages and programs. You focus on your email list and your Instagram account to build your tribe.

You do Facebook videos talking about this and that… maybe selling a little more. You create ads and wonder how you can get a speaking gig.

And it’s right about now that you wonder what it is you’re really doing.

I love this point in the evolution of your business. It’s where things start to feel really messy.

And even though that messy is hard and confusing and can leave you feeling as though you might just head back to come corporate job, it’s where you have a massive potential for growth.

It’s the point in your work evolution where you can truly transition into your soul work.

And it has nothing to do with your packages, your selling or your stage presence.

In fact, if you’ve hit this point with your work, I bet you have no idea what you’re doing with your packages or what you’re selling (and why).

Stage presence? That’s not even on the map because you’re still not clear about what you really have to say.

This is when you need to come back to center and see how you must evolve for your work to evolve.

You know you love to do the thing you love. What’s missing, and what’s needed for the next step, is to understand why.

Not just why, but who you are in that why.

It’s scary to step into the space that lives between doing what you love and the activities of running your business.

But there is a space between those two things.

It’s where you must go to create an understanding of why it matters that you’re doing what you do and the unique impact you can make.

It’s about you stepping into the deeply intuitive process of truly seeing who you are and what you’re about and what you’re unique voice around your work is all about.

And it’s a step in the evolution of your work that too often gets skipped.

Before all the other stuff, you must first show up to you.

You must show up as who you are and what you believe and claim your voice around that.

If you don’t begin with this work — you understanding who you are and what work naturally flows from that knowing — then all the other effort with your business lacks the focus and energy you need to make it a success.

You become the healer just doing sessions, the coach that blends in with the crowd, and the artist creating without a clear vision.

Simply put, when you don’t own your voice — what makes your work so special — you become indistinguishable from every other entrepreneur out there.

But it’s not just about your bottom line. It’s about your spirit; you growing into who you must be, doing what you must be doing.

It takes courage to do the thing you love — your true work in the world. To choose that over all the more comfortable options. The safer options.

Not bringing your purpose to life, though, means leaving a part of you behind. To deny it, means you deny yourself.

So as you look at your work, take a step back and ask yourself this: am I daring to own the truth of who I am? Do I speak that through what I do?

If you’re not quite clear on the answers, you’ve found the messy, lovely, transformational next step in the evolution of your soul work. And it’s time to get to work on that.

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