The Eternal Friend: Searching For God And Spiritual Awakening…

The Eternal Friend: Searching For God And Spiritual Awakening

Science may be filled with contradictory concepts, but there are a handful of ideas that create consensus. For instance, the idea that humans are social creatures.

Based on this concept, it becomes clear that humans cannot live in isolation from their equals. An individual needs to build long-lasting relationships in his life to thrive, as people can get even a sense of happiness out of such relationships.

However, relationships between people are limited in terms of the happiness they can provide. Not only that but they are limited to human existence itself. People eventually become memories, and while the love and devotion for those who pass never go away, the fleeting nature of human relationships can have great influences on the soul.

Why One Must Connect with the Eternal Friend

Connecting with God, the Eternal Friend can offer individuals all which their souls are looking for in a friendship with a fellow human, even if these needs lie deep into their subconscious.

Humans will often look for comfort, understanding, support, and unconditional love in friendships. They wish to be surrounded by people who can provide them a sense of familiarity and love, so much so that even just the presence of a friend can make someone feel more at ease, more comfortable. They seek pure joy, which can be derived from such friendships, to a certain extent.

Perhaps even without knowing it, people are instinctively looking for the Eternal Friend. The gifts of unconditional love, support, safety, and wellbeing are received whenever an individual connects with the Divine and lives their life following the Absolute Truth of the world, unconnected so much to the fleeting issues of the mundane world.

Connecting with the Divine, the Eternal Friend can bring people the sense of comfort, hope, and happiness they are ultimately craving. It can lead to a spiritual awakening that reveals one’s Higher Purpose in life and unlock the Inner Voice of Divine Intuition which can serve them on their life journey, every single day.

Is Humanity’s Quest for Building Friendships Therefore Misguided?

Far from it. Though subconsciously seeking the love for the Eternal Friend, humankind’s desire to build lasting friendships between people is not for nothing.

People are a reflection of the Divine. The qualities one seeks in a friend, such as unconditional love, are representative of the Divine presence which lies in every single person. When seeking to build a friendship with someone and yearning for the true forms of happiness this friendship can offer, one simply seeks to connect with the Divine qualities of a person. So the quest to build friendships is not fruitless. It’s human.

The issue is, those who have not reconnected with the Divine fully cannot offer the level of comfort, support, and unconditional love the Eternal Friend can.

God’s friendship is, in the true sense, unconditional. It is constant, ever-present throughout someone’s life journey. It is vibrant in the purest form, and its presence can heal the soul. God does not judge, or ask one to change to be loved. God is omnipresent and able to offer His love in every moment.

Humans, because of their Divine qualities, are capable of love to such an extent, but only if they have achieved a sense of self-realization and spiritual awakening which allows them to connect with God. People who do not go through this spiritual journey are often dealing with Ego-created issues which can prevent them from loving in such a pure way.

The problems of the mundane world, those of money, of influence, and misguided search for purpose can prevent them from becoming, in their own sense, the Eternal Friend.

How Can One Connect with the Eternal Friend?

To discover the love of the Eternal Friend, and perhaps even becoming one for others looking for this level of connection, one must return to the Self and reconnect with the Divine qualities that lie within all people.

Kriya Yoga teaches practitioners that the search for God and spiritual awakening doesn’t take place outside of the Self. The many techniques used in these awakening practices invite all to lie still and disconnect with the Ego and its needs, to learn to hear the voice of their Divine Intuition and let it serve as the primary guide in everyday life.

Such techniques help foster a deep sense of love, comfort, and even contentment, and over time practitioners can begin to hear the Voice of God in their own minds. This is when the Eternal Friend emerges.


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