The Emotional Reason Why People Can’t Walk Away From Toxic Situations…

The Emotional Reason Why People Can’t Walk Away From Toxic Situations

There is a physical realm and an emotional realm in our existence. We might see that a situation is bad for us, and that it makes us feel bad to be in it, and yet, we somehow keep coming back to the pain.

Why is it that this happens for so many people?

One reason why might be due to family trauma.

On my own journey, I have experienced a lot of intense emotional situations from a young age, without realizing it. As I grew up, I was emotionally unstable as a result, and kept going back to the source of the pain - my family - or relationships that reminded me of my family.

When we experience trauma, it creates what is known as a trauma bond. But it goes beyond the trauma bond of trauma experienced between lovers or family members. If you have experienced trauma or a traumatic event together with certain people, this can bond you.

This is because of the principle of the law of attraction - we manifest what is in our subconscious. We bring situations into our lives based upon what exists in our emotional blueprint, which was established from childhood and even before. We play this template out in our various relationships at even the level of our ancestors’ wounds and traumas.

Even if we have done a lot of spiritual or emotional work on ourselves, we might find ourselves continually drawn back to these situations. We can become enlightened in this way if we know how to handle those sorts of situations. It might be a sign of being an old soul, in fact, if you are drawn back to these situations. You can begin to process what happened in these toxic situations and remember which situations caused you to continue this pattern. It’s very subconscious and we often don’t have much control over it because we are creating and reliving patterns from our emotional wounds.

If you find that this sort of situation keeps appearing in your life, I want you to notice or remember what the core wound situation is, and try to release any emotions related to that event. We will keep reliving or attracting these situations if we don’t.


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