The Eight Qualities Of Water…

The Eight Qualities Of Water

It is said that water holds the secret to immortality.

It is also the base for most everything we come in contact with as it nurtures the materials we need to make clothes, furniture, buildings, etc. And still, the three atom molecule remains one of the least understood elements in advanced intelligence labs to date.

Because of the high volume of water our bodies contain, there are many problems that can be solved by simply keeping hydrated. Water is the best preventative we can use against heartburn, arthritis, chronic pain, headaches, migraines, hemorrhoids, asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and mental fogginess to name a few. There is a great book called You’re Not Sick, you’re Thirsty! by F., M. D. Batmanghelidj for more on the health benefits of water.

Yet, most of us don’t drink enough water or drink poor quality water. Although drinking poor quality water is better than not drinking any water at all, there is a formal prayer at the bottom of this article that will ‘charge’, or energize, water. Drinking good blessed water is key to keeping good health and a happy life. It is also why we only use pure water with our aromatherapy sprays and in aroma lamps as good quality essential oils too, require fair conditions to do their best job. Pets, plants, children, fish tanks, everything needs good water.

The negative emotion hatred, is the cause for all dehydration, since it is a lack of compassion. Compassion is ruled by the water element in Spiritual Medicine, so when there is a lack of compassion, we are spiritually and physically dehydrated. The significance of water is found everywhere in our world: from religious rituals performed to purify hatred such as Baptism and Mikveh, to corporate branding such as the Starbucks siren.

Sirens, mermaids, dragons and other mythological creatures have a real significance in cultures around the world. These beings, called nagas (sanskrit for ‘serpent’) can live in liquids, particularly water, and serve as minor deities or as demons depending on how they are treated. A good example would be the Naga King Mucalinda who provided protection for the Buddha who was in deep meditation for seven days of torrential downfall, whereas an example of an evil naga might be a disease causing bacteria found in water. I dare you to look at some of those and you will definitely see that the reference to serpents still stands.

Besides, if you are not living in Death Valley, which of course comes with its own set of physical and emotional challenges due to the extreme dryness, there is always a significant amount of water in the air, serving as home to hordes of nagas. They are very dynamic and even neutral nagas can cause great distress within inner and outer waters if there are disturbing emotions for example. Even moving furniture or weekly cleaning can cause the nagas to become disturbed. But nothing upsets nagas more than unpleasant smells — and once again this makes as much sense in our modern world as it did for our ancestors. Just think of the putrid stench of something rotten and how easily we can determine if something is fit to eat, i.e. if the nagas are happy, just by smelling it. More scientific interpretations of naga-power can be seen in the video here:

In Astrolochi®, water has a special connection to the Moon, which is the most receptive and emotional heavenly body of the horoscopic system. The moon rules gravity and influences the ebb of flow of the earth’s waters as well as our emotions. The moon’s movements are said to be as swift as water: it speeds around the zodiac, visiting every sign once a month. Countries and cultures in the East even create their entire calendar around the lunar movements. One eastern culture, Tibet, claims the crescent planet of the night to represent Bodhichitta — a Buddhist term for the compassionate mind that has cultivated a ‘for others’ attitude. This fits very nicely given that water is a sharing element.

The phases of the moon influence our mood and have a charging effect on the water we consume and use. The chinese medical term ‘Bad Water’ simply describes the poor chi that has been exchanged within relationships via emotions.

Hence, water represents emotions and feelings, giving water pollution an array of meanings like the inability to cleanse oneself from unwholesome emotions, healing the self or healing others. Water also can be very wrathful and has the ability to take any form the vessel provides. Tsunamis can destroy coastlines, hail can damage cars, snow cuts quickly and can freeze our insides while humidity can just make us feel unclean and dirty without refuge.

Water is also the representative of the sea of samsara. The ocean can be very intimidating or very serene, very deep and dark or very shallow and radiant. The water reacts to our mind and serves as a 3D reflection of its state. Once we transcend any of the states of mind, we see water for what it truly reflects — light.

Just like the Moon which receives and reflects the light of the Sun.

But until we can receive the light of the Sun like the Moon, water will compassionately flow from the highest realms (where it is light) into our diluted reality as water, until we follow it upstream so-to-speak into the light. As water travels through the realms, it is perceived differently, e.g. water is nectar to gods and puss to demons, as displayed by the video above.

The best way to cleanse our waters, globally and physically, is by meditating and charging water with good thoughts. We focus on the water we want to drink or heal and see it as:

  1. Cool (Offering cool water causes us to develop pure moral discipline.)
  2. Delicious to taste (Offering delicious water ensures that we will always find delicious food and drink.)
  3. Light (Offering light water will cause us to experience the bliss of physical flexibility.)
  4. Soft (Offering soft water makes our mind calm and gentle.)
  5. Clear (Offering clear water makes our mind clear and alert.)
  6. Sweet smelling (Offering sweet smelling water brings easy and powerful purification of negative karma.)
  7. Good for the digestion (Offering water that is good for the digestion reduces our illnesses.)
  8. Soothing on the throat (Offering water that soothes the throat makes our speech beautiful and powerful.)

Water is such a vital resource and building block for life, yet not all water is the same. With this prayer and consciousness, there is no excuse to not benefit from the best quality healing water!

And next time you want to drink a soda, grab and bless a water instead. It will save you a lot of stress in the long run.


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