The Ego Is Certain That Love Is Dangerous…

The Ego Is Certain That Love Is Dangerous

This is why we have so much frustration and anger and disappointment in dating…

The Ego only wants to preserve itself, it doesn’t want us to connect to True Love, because once we do that, the Ego dissolves.

The Ego is our bundle of thoughts – memories, wishes, desires, fears, resentments, tribal beliefs, and so on. This bundle of thoughts creates the experience we have of the world. It forms something like a stained glass window between us and Reality.

When it comes to Love, the Ego tells us to “go and find the one! You will be happy, then! When you find the one it will be proof to you and the world that you are lovable and significant. And all will be well!” This is complete and utter codswallop.

The Ego fools us into thinking that romantic love is True Love. It is not, never has been, and never will be.

When we rely on our memories and the beliefs we grew up with without question; when we let our fears guide us; when we allow our desires to lead us, we judge other people without letting them reveal who they truly are. When we judge others that way, we will never find True Love, we will always find flaws; we will always be disappointed. And voila! The ego has won – we turn away from the love affair because he doesn’t text back soon enough or doesn’t pay for the date, or isn’t tall enough or isn’t the right religion.

The Ego tells us to go and find Love and then ensures we never find it. What utter despair it keeps us in.

The Ego does this because it knows that Love (with a capital L) is dangerous to the Ego: when we find Love, the Ego dissolves.

Love is the stuff of the Universe; Love is Infinite Intelligence/Source/Cosmic Consciousness/the Unified Field.

Plug into Love and find happiness. 


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Reverend Stephanie Wild


Stephanie Wild is a Spiritualist Minister and certified psychic medium. Also certified in cognitive behavioral therapy and licensed to practice…

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