The Dual Nature Of Sex And Self…

The Dual Nature Of Sex And Self

With a conscious dismissal of the so-called “progressive” views of today’s oversensitized western world, we can, without ridicule, comfortably say that nature is divided into two classes: male and female. Man of antiquity (yes, this includes women) knew this, and still does. However, corporatists in control of the media, entertainment, and anything aimed else at the youth or feeble-minded, have many stopping to question this truth, while those with a slim sense of self, lacking the capacity to pause and reflect, agree with whatever they are told to believe.

I can only assume that such subservient people understand that the union between these two, male and female, organisms is still needed in order to procreate. They know this deep down, but refuse to see the truth since it destroys their delusional fantasy they selfishly perceive as reality. They also thrive in the dim limelight of attention they’re receiving—finally feeling special and/or a love they were likely deprived of during development. This keeps them from seeing the reality of the situation, where they are merely being used as pawns in a strategized political agenda.

There exists within every individual a dual self—one of masculine wisdom and one of feminine love. The self cannot know happiness when it is ignorant of the opposite. There can be no real love for the self when it has never expressed the various contrary conditions by which love is known and distinguished. The same goes for wisdom, where the self has no true knowledge of its surroundings. Such is the state of infancy, which correlates with the allegorical story of Creation in the Book of Genesis, featuring Adam and Eve as the male and female aspects of self.

The ultimate goal is to find an inner balance and harmony between these two attributes. This isn’t attained by a man dressing or pretending to be a woman, nor vice versa. Such confusions are clear signs of a discordant union of these polar aspects. This discordant, unbalanced union of self thus brings about sorrow, crime, suffering, disease, and untold misery for an individual.

A man and woman should harmonize both in physical temperament and in magnetic polarity. There is a massive lack of understanding in this realm, causing a lack of understanding of self within the individual. It is absurd to believe a materialized form bears no correspondence to the forces which created it. The form cannot exist without an internal cause, which is powerless in producing any external form except the reflected image of itself and its functions.

Under these circumstances, it must be evident that every male organism is the absolute outcome of masculine forces, and every female, the product of the feminine qualities. Therefore, masculine energy cannot be born into the world under the cover of a female form. Neither can feminine energy be ushered upon the planes of humanity within the masculine body. These are facts of nature, which ought to be apparent to every thinking mind.

The sexual organism exists as a factor of procreation, making sexual organs vital—when properly used; otherwise, they wouldn’t be present. To suddenly and completely suppress their natural functions would do a great deal of physical and spiritual harm, causing one to react in violent discord within the material and ethereal worlds.

The big objective of the self is to realize, in the evolution of the human soul, the complete differentiation of its latent or suppressed attributes. Thus, the soul must become the expression of both its qualities and must express the true nature of the spirit. Each rounds out and completes its own section of the self, and in doing so, it becomes individualized as a complete expression—perfect identity of its source.

Both male and female complete the whole and are related to each other as Adam and Eve, Osiris and Isis, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, John and Jackie Kennedy, or for you millennials, Jay-Z and Beyonce (however there may be some argument to their humanity). As for Osiris and Isis, both are united and their separate consciousness becomes an attribute of their glorious immortality.

Without sex, the phsycial and spiritual connection between male and female, there can be no eternal life. To absorb or destroy these principles in the human organism brings about a divorce between man and his divinity; thus robbing the human collective of its immortal and eternal soul.


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