The Door To My Wild Self…

The Door To My Wild Self

The Door to my wild self

I found some magic in a book

The door to my wild self, is within my reach

I found the key inside a jar

All rusty and old

Weathered as iron upon a beach

The lock was hidden, inside an old oak tree

Covered in Ivy, knurled by time, so very old

It fitted well, but wouldn’t turn

I tried each day and night

Till exhausted and my fingers cold.

Each day I took a turn, my intention was true

Each day I failed.

I cried, and to myself I did scold

I made a wish, I said a prayer

I begged, please let me through.

I stood and said, I must seek my path and be bold

And so it turned

Slowly at first

Creaking with the resentment of age

A crack of light appeared and I walked through that door

To discover my wild self of old.


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Andrea Hamilton The Healing Witch


The Healing Witch Tarot cards. Readings In my readings I encourage the use of soul collage to find your paths.…

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