The Death Penalty: The “For” And “Against” Arguments…

The Death Penalty: The “For” And “Against” Arguments


The “For” and “Against” Arguments

There seem to be 4 main arguments for and against the existence of the death penalty.

These are as follows.

1) The Logical Argument.

Securing someone indefinitely it very heavy on a large number of resources.

It is far more logical and efficient to terminate that existence.

2) The Revenge Argument.

He hurt us!

Their existence scares us!

I demand we as a society get to hurt them back!

3) Political.

If we are logical it saves us a lot of money.


As a bonus, our citizens will feel far more secure.

Citizens that feel safe are more likely to support our Government.

Citizens that feel safe, spend more money and produce more tax revenue both in wages end expended income.

4) The Pseudo-Religious.

<See argument 2, they are exactly the same!>

5) The Actual Religious.

We must never take a human life.

The criminal is now secure and is no longer a threat to society.

That criminal will NEVER EVER be released!

We must not kill them because we believe in Redemption, rather than Punishment!

Even if the chances of spiritual redemption are far more than a Billion to 0.1%

We still have to allow for that chance to Continue to exist.

We can never know what someones final thoughts are on their death bed.

We can never know if their final thoughts will full of regret and sorrow despite what that same person said they thought less than an hour ago.

To take away any souls chance of redemption is an act of evil.

To take away any souls chance of redemption serves no purpose other than to save earthly money and placate our own sinful rage!

“Thou Shall Not Kill” Is a non-negotiable law with no exceptions!

So there you go,

4 different points of view.

I kinda happen to like the 3rd Pseudo-Religious one personally.

Especially if it had been a member of my family that had been tortured and killed by some pervert nut job!

What do you think?


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