The Day I Decided To Have A Better Relationship With Myself…

The Day I Decided To Have A Better Relationship With Myself

I remember the day when I realized it didn’t matter how much or how little people believed in my capabilities, my goals and dreams, and more. What mattered the most was what I believed about myself and how much or little I believed in myself. That was the day I looked in the mirror and I deeply connected to the hate for the person I saw in the mirror and acknowledged all the beliefs I had about myself gained from the messages and stereotypes about who I would be and what I was capable of. How I talked to and treated myself was also impacted. That was also a defining day in my life as it was the day I decided I wanted to change course. It all started with using art to explore the relationship with myself and the relationship started to change through artistic expression, connection, reflection, healing, reclaiming, and evolving. I am continually finding the relationship I have with myself is one of the most important relationships I have. This relationship is one I have to put love and time into intentionally, and it interacts with all other aspects and relationships in my life. I look forward to to what engaging in artistic expression sessions teach me about myself and what impact they will have on my life in the future.


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