The Crack in The Universe…

The Crack in The Universe

The Age of Oneness is upon us. The distance between Source, The Infinite Oneness, The Veil, Beyond the Beyond and our Beloved God-Self I AM Presence is closer than ever before. We simply have but to reach out and a hand will be there to pull us up.

Reminiscing and reflecting on the past 18 months and my head is spinning. I’ve climbed a glacier, been to India… twice, moved to Maui for 2+ months, my spirit guides and guardian angels came knocking – I answered, gathered with some Shamans in Sedona, trekked and travelled Nepal, tripped the medicine world fantastic through Ayahausca, gazed upon Machu Picchu, explored the islands of Lake Titicaca, and started a new business.

The truly amazing part is what happened within and in between those adventures and power journeys, I mean deep in the cracks and crevices. The places where you don’t normally look. You see and sense the crevices, like cracks in the sidewalk, but you don’t really stop to pay any attention to them or take the time to see what is really in there.

Avoiding the crack didn’t make it go away, I tried stepping over and around it. It started to call out and I could feel it pulling at me as I walked quickly by trying to ignore it as best as I could. What could it possibly want? It was taunting me, daring me, tempting me. I couldn’t stand it any longer, I had to take a peek and find out what it wanted.

So in I went, squinting and peering into that tiny dark space. Lightly and gently sweeping off the dust around the edges at first. Anticipating that some creature will rear its head out and swallow you whole. The crack starts to widen bit by bit and I felt myself getting lured in further and further. You feel your body start to tingle and vibrate, messages come from what seems like nowhere begging you to keep going.

You have to wedge yourself in to the crack, crawling deep inside it, digging the dirt out in front of you to keep going, crawling and wriggling along. It’s tight and cramped. At first you’re a bit scared… it’s dark and you don’t know what the hell is in there. But you can’t stop, you need to know and it’s far too late to turn around. So you keep digging and digging. The messages becoming more and more clear and amid the fear and doubt you feel absolute and unconditional love pulling you along.

You run into boulders and have to re-route and go around. The spider webs are curious and fascinating and inevitably you get caught in a few, only to realize that you spun it in the first place. Free of your own web, on you go and the crack finally starts to get bigger and bigger and before you know it you are inside an entirely new Universe.

A Universe full of the most amazing energy, spirit, light and love.

Finding my Universe of love and light really came down to choice. Do I continue to choose dark and negative thoughts or do I choose light and positive thoughts? Do I keep avoiding the crack? Like attracts like, what goes out must come back. It is Law… the Law of Attraction & Vibration.

Once you make the decision to choose positive, loving, forgiving and compassionate thoughts you will start to notice a shift. A shift in the way you approach your daily life. You will notice that you don’t get frustrated or upset at the tiniest things any longer. Your friends will ask what you are doing because they notice a change.

It takes a bit of practice, but if I can do it, anyone can do it. Choose to see the absolute positive in everything in front of you, no matter how big or small. If someone cuts you off on the way to work, be grateful that no one was hurt instead of adding to road rage – they can’t hear you anyway. If you didn’t get that promotion, believe that something better is on the way.

As you continue to shift energetically, your vibration will raise. You will sense a change in the way your body feels, you will notice changes in your behaviour and how you “react” to situations. And the deepest and most profound relationships with your spirit guides will start to emerge and develop. All they needed was your willingness to shift your energy and release negative thought patterns and to believe that they are there.

You will start to co-create with your guides and Source. They will put things in front of you to allow you to make your choices as a being of free-will and to ultimately move you forward on this path. They will work with you to get answers and clarity. Your God-Self knows – you just need to ask, listen and trust.

I have shifted too many times to count. The vibration that is now so apparent in my body is like a long lost friend. I know this vibration; it is familiar yet so distant and exotic at the same time. And I know that it will change again and again and again as I make my way home.

Two things that I know for sure:

Everything is energy, it is in everything and is everywhere. It is who we are, it is what we are and raising the vibration of that energy brings you closer to the Light and Source.

At some point in your evolution you must go within to grow. Not to seek God, not to cross the finish line, not to be a certain something, not to find the truth, but because there is nowhere left to go.

The unearthing of my Universe has been so hard, so beautiful, so emotional, so scary, so enlightening, so deep, so special, so intense, so peaceful, so dark, so uplifting, so clumsy, so graceful and so, so, so full of love. My love. The love for myself I never thought possible. That is the love that guides me, that is the love that will push me through, that is the love that will allow me to receive and give love, that is the love that enables me to fulfill my purpose. And for that, I am more than blessed and more than grateful. There is not a single word that could possibly capture, define or describe this most amazing and incredible journey.


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Carmelle Kemp


Carmelle Kemp is a Spiritual Teacher and Medicine Woman, but it wasn’t always this way. Her childhood was spent navigating…

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