The Continued Effects Of The February New Moon…

The Continued Effects Of The February New Moon

For the last months and into mid-January 2019, for many, it has seemed as though there has needed to be a “clean up” from the past in order to reach a new cycle. This has been the clearing away of detritus, or it has indicated necessary meditation on sudden decisions, after-effects, and handling of sometimes chaotic–even difficult–energies that have sought some kind of balance or us going into the eye of the hurricane while the maelstrom swirled around us.

This has sometimes popularly been known as the “washing machine of life” — in tarot, the Wheel of Fortune, or Fate’s Wheel, being spun by the universe (being Major Arcana) to set things to rights, even if it meant a certain degree of chaos in the interim.


The New Moon in Aquarius, happening yesterday, on February 4th at 1:04PM Eastern Time, shows that the spin cycle has stopped, and the energy has shifted. What was cleansed has now revealed a bare, raw, basic and magical energy that we can carry forward and learn, finally, to receive.

The energy here is fluid: think of the Northern Lights; ionized particles in the atmosphere create a beautiful, magical light show. But the particles are, again, ionized; they are imbued with energy. How we use this energy is important.

The choice: do we force activity, action, etc., in trying to use the energy? Or do we sit in this energy for a moment, letting it inform us, teach us, and guide us toward action at the right time and for the right reasons?

Queen of Pentacles and Queen of Cups

In getting a sense of how this energy wants to work, I pulled a couple of tarot cards. What came out were two court cards: the Queen of Pentacles and the Queen of Cups. These represent, respectively, 1) the earth energy of the pentacles in the manifestation of energy into the physical; 2) the emotional energy in the manifestation into true, honest, and nurturing emotion.

That both of these cards are feminine (they were not the Kings of the suit) again shows the necessity of being receptive to the energy. We learn by doing, but we also learn by receiving.

I know that many of us–and I am included here–often are doers. We sometimes derive our confidence and sense of accomplishment in what we can do and achieve–whether for ourselves or for others. Sometimes we feel as though we don’t have much of a choice. If life is difficult, or challenging, we often feel the need to “do” to change the energy and transmute it into a more “productive” form.

But this can at times be an illusion. Fear masks as ego to make us act when perhaps we should sit still. Forcing energy in any direction can sometimes cause a certain degree of blowback. Sometimes, we just need to sit still.

The Lesson

The lesson of this New Moon and these two cards, as many lessons are, is about balance. There needs to be yin in equal proportion to yang. We need to honor both our masculine and feminine within to be a whole being.

For those of us who are often more masculine–regardless of gender–in terms of favoring action over non-action, the capacity to learn to receive can be a difficult lesson. But this is something we need to learn–and we need to learn that receiving can be as dynamic and important as acting–or even giving.

Some of us prefer to give instead of receive–this is our means of action–but as with anything, give too much and energy is depleted.

We are being asked with this New Moon to receive the impact and inspiration from dynamic, creative energy. Let it imbue us with magnetism–like the charged ion particles in the atmosphere during the light show of the Northern Lights. Let this inform you, invigorate you, charge you as though charging a battery. New insights, new ideas, even a new way of life may be revealed. Let this happen. Allow yourself to be receptive to what you’re being shown.

Once that battery is charged, you will know how to use the energy–and your powers of manifestation–accompanied by balanced, powerful emotion–embodied by the Queen of Pentacles and the Queen of Cups–will come to the fore.

However, act before it is time out of fear, and you may whittle down the energy in the battery before it is fully charged. You may not have the full picture. Try to remember, you need to fill your cup before you can help anyone else. Or even truly help yourself. Trust yourself and positive emotion–if your emotions are murky, they may represent fear rather than true guidance.

For some of us, allowing for this period of receptivity can be the most difficult lesson we can ever learn if we are “doers”…but it is also, often, the most important one.

Let this New Moon allow you the time to be energized and better feel out what you want to manifest. Let this time period be magical, if you can, for it will be–if you let it.


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