The Consequence Of Consciousness…

The Consequence Of Consciousness

“We are an imitation of our original being.”

The art of deprogramming

Our choices, experiences, identities, and perceptions are hacked well before we become aware. Some may opt to debunk this observation, defending their virtual enslavement instead of being with its truth. It is our conditioning that defines the selective reality we adopt, enabling our self-gratification and establishing our artificial freedom. None of us are immune to these social influences. Our assimilation into the digital matrix is inevitable. Until we observe our individual captivity, experience our personal universality, and transform the dynamics of our being, we will always be victims of duality.

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The dream life

We are born, grow up, go to school, church, onto university, find a career, date, get married, buy a house and a car or two, have children, take vacations, mark time, retire, decline into old age and die. This is the probable future for humanity. It is our common fate. An obligatory rite of passage to sustain a system of authority, control, influence, and societal slavery. Our unbridled ego becomes our weapon, impelling us to live isolated from our soul and the universe. We have allowed ourselves to be programmed, proudly bearing the badge of social reality in the bliss of its oblivion. We measure our lives by the accumulation of materiality instead of the fulfillment of our universality.

A perfect crime

Social reality is a construct of co-dependency, breeding simulations of advancement, conformity, programming, reliance, and triviality. We surrender our personal power to authoritarian organizations for fear of being accountable and honest. Elitist oppressors exploit our deficiencies against us. We amuse, distract and preoccupy ourselves with avoidance, cynicism, indifference, and resignation, fortifying our personal prison. This racket is more insidious than any autocratic system in society. It is our self-induced captivity that sentences us to social reality.

The “woke” epidemic

In this new era of awareness, it is easy to be manipulated by the influential tides of false consciousness. Society is littered with the kaleidoscopic pantheon of contemporary “wokeness.” Reactive instinct, interpretive intellectualism, and volatile emotionality enable and establish our artificial lifestyle and understanding. Mass emulation triggers our vicious cycles of emotional, perceptual, and sensual fantasy. Many of us mistake intelligence with awareness when we allow society to highjack our personal truth. Our unique expression is not found without. It is sourced only from within.

“Our soul is the cost for defying our consciousness.”

Cornerstone of truth

Each of us has a destiny to become an expression of universal energy, originating from the synthesis of our soul with the universe. The source of our resonating with our intuition empowers our heart center and inspires our mind and body. It transforms our experience, perception, and understanding. Our truth is not established by our belief, education, ideology, knowledge, politics, or religion. It transcends all social mechanisms, manifesting in our way of being. The universe is unbiased in nature, expressing itself through us when we choose to transcend social reality.

Water to the fish

Our indoctrination into the “reality” of life is absolute. No matter how aware we perceive ourselves to be with our instinct, intellect, and emotion, the social bubbles we build are the barriers of our captivity. Our oblivion is the invisible gravity we sense, containing us into a three-dimensional construct of existence. We acquiesce our personal power as a daily practice to avoid the shocking truth. We would rather be enslaved in a simulation than pioneering the path to our destiny. Even to the degree we defend the egocentric honor of our intelligence, pride, and self-righteousness, dismissing every opportunity to experience the freedom of being.

A solitary way

When I became present to my personal truth, I realized how lonely it can be. At first, I envisioned it through a filter of my ego. Eventually, I shifted my experience with my service to community. This is greater than who I believe myself to be. I grew accustomed to accepting myself for who I was and who I was not and extended others the same courtesy. Releasing my attachment to outcomes empowered me to embrace all I was, am, and would become. There is extraordinary freedom in being ourselves and honoring others in theirs. Being related to our soul and the universe is our destined purpose.

An essential choice

In this new era of empowered beings, the choice most of us avoid every day of our lives is now a necessity. Consciousness is always available to us. Choosing anything but awareness is proving to have dire consequences. Whether it relates to our personal experience, evolution, freedom, health, and quality of life. Social reality distorts and destroys our relationship with our soul and the universe. Understanding this dynamic is our focus to enrich and empower our relations with others, yet most importantly, with ourselves. Consciousness is universal energy that transforms oblivion into being.

Consciousness and consequence

In my early twenties, I was arrogant and ignorant. I perceived the universe as a vast, empty space of darkness. This was symbolic of how I lived at the time. I was a social vortex of ego, satiating myself in every possible way. Social reality anesthetizes us to the impacts of our personal oblivion. For every unconscious endeavor, there is a consequence to our universality. When I observed my experience with the equilibrium of my senses, thoughts, feelings, and intuition, I began having insights that related me with my soul. Our soul is our expression of universal consciousness, transforming the experience of life for all.

“The consequence of consciousness is universal being.”


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