The Cathedral Of Notre Dame Is Not Burning…

The Cathedral Of Notre Dame Is Not Burning

Here’s a lesson in impermanence. 

The cathedral of Notre Dame is burning. The spire is gone; the roof has collapsed.

I feel so sad and surprised. I have wonderful memories of sitting nearby Notre Dame by day and by night; in the sun and in the shade; watching a crowd or listening to a lone flute player in the fog.

So, I am watching the cathedral burn and allowing my sadness to burn as well. I am accepting the change; the new reality.

And I can go a step further and remember that, “all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” All we believe to be ‘real’ is illusion.

The Cathedral of Notre Dame is not really burning, after all; it never really existed; it is not really burning; we just believe it is.

Nothing is real but Pure Love. And all is well.


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