The Best Yoga Poses For Busy Moms To Do At Home…

The Best Yoga Poses For Busy Moms To Do At Home

Nothing can be more relaxing for a busy mom’s busy and agitated day-to-day life than yoga. Caregiving generates a lot of stress, and the practice of yoga is one of the best ways of relieving it. Here are five perfect yoga poses for busy moms at home!

Introducing Yoga for Busy Moms

Yoga practice is one of the most suitable forms of exercise for getting back into shape after birth. In general, women who have given natural births may pick up physical activities shortly after. Women who have given birth through C-section, on the other hand, won’t be able to start exercising for quite a while.

In both cases, some of the yoga poses beginners can seriously compensate for the lack of physical exercise, and help take the edge off.  They can be practiced effortlessly in the comfort of your own home!

It’s a Tough Job Being a Mom These Days!

Nowadays, mothers live incredibly stressful and complicated lives. Most of them somehow manage to juggle between career, household maintenance, and childcare successfully. Almost all of the time, they will be changing diapers, supervising children play dates, nursing, feeding, cleaning, and working.

Naturally, this leaves them little or no time at all to take care of themselves and their personal lives. Not to mention going to the gym or any other type of outdoor physical exercise! It’s a challenging job being a mom these days, and yoga might be the perfect solution for relieving some of that stress.

Top 5 Yoga Poses for Mommies at Home

So, the next time you feel like your life is completely chaotic and you can’t do anything about it, don’t despair – it’s completely understandable! Instead, take a well-deserved break and try out these five yoga poses for stressed moms. They will surely make you feel better:

1. Lotus Pose

Most of the time, when you are stressed or overwhelmed, the first thing you tend to forget about is breathing. Five minutes of deep meditation in the lotus yoga pose can seriously help you control and regulate your breathing, allowing you to reconnect with your body. All you have to do is sit down, cross your legs, and place your hands on our knees. Start breathing slowly, and focus on nothing else than the yoga stance you’re in!

2. Cat Pose

Especially when your child is little, you will be spending a lot of time bending over to hold him, guide him, feed him, or pick stuff up after him. It doesn’t matter how you get in that position. What matters is how the yoga cat pose can help you relax in it, and alleviate both stress and back pains. All you have to do to achieve this yoga stance is kneel down. Then place your arms on the ground in front of you and bow down your head. Then start breathing, and arch your back upward as you inhale, keeping your chin as close to your chest as possible. When you exhale, lower your back and raise your chin.

3. Cobra Pose

This yoga posture is extremely beneficial for your back. You just have to lie down on your belly and use your palms to raise your upper body. Maintain this yoga pose for five minutes, slowly inhaling and exhaling while you’re in it.




4. Forward-Standing Fold Pose

It might seem like a bit more advanced yoga stance, but when you start practicing it, you will quickly come to realize that it’s just as simple as the other yoga poses enlisted so far. You have to stand up, fold forward, and remain in this position for a couple of minutes at a time. Don’t force yourself, just let your body follow its rhythm, and soon you will have mastered the standing forward yoga fold.

5. Savasana

This yoga pose is a pure body and muscle relaxation at its best! Lie down on your back with your palms on the floor or your yoga mattress. Completely relax your muscles and your spine. Try to imagine that your body is as light as a feather as you slowly inhale and exhale.


All of these five beginner yoga poses have the advantage of being extremely easy to achieve. They will help you relax, eliminate stress, and improve the flexibility of your whole body. They are also quite useful for burning calories and muscular toning. Find time to practice each of five light yoga positions every day, and it won’t be long before you feel their positive effects!


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