The Best Tips To Stay Active Over 50…

The Best Tips To Stay Active Over 50

Many people start to realize as the years pass by that the lifestyles that they were used to in their 30’s or 40’s are not appropriate anymore for when they get older. And this is nothing to be ashamed or afraid or, it’s the natural aging process that all of us will get through if we’re lucky enough. The difficult emotions that we all have connected to getting older should be rationalized, and we should do something to prolong our lives.

The period after the 50’s can especially be hard on women since it’s the time when most of the women will enter the menopause phase. As a result of that, they will experience muscle, cardiovascular and hormonal changes that will make staying active and fit much more difficult. Regardless of gender and the difficulties that everybody has to deal with, staying active beyond the age of 50 is a very good present for your body. The advantages of exercising are vast truly. Being active can enhance your level of energy, can keep your weight under control, and can even reduce some aging-connected symptoms. Moreover, it’s also good for the brain and the emotional state that you’re in. If you’re eager to do something about being healthier and fit, there are some tips that you can use.

1. Find something that you like

Exercising and staying active can be physically challenging, even more so if you’re doing it just to do it. Being bored with a certain activity will make your exercising routine much more painful to get through. The best thing you can do is explore and find something that you will be genuinely interested in. If you are really excited to participate in a certain activity, then it will be a much smoother experience. Moreover, you can always mix it up. When it’s sunny you can go cycling or swimming; when it’s cold, you can do more in-doors sports like yoga, pilates or whatever else you’re interested in.

2. Go out of your way to be active

Even if you’re exercising a couple of times per week, making this mindset a part of your everyday life can really make you energetic, and you will see results much faster. So the next time you have to choose whether to use the elevator or the stairs—pick the stairs. Go shopping on foot, walk your dog twice a day, do some stretching in the morning. Every little effort counts.

3. Increase B12 intake

B12 is a very important vitamin for everybody, but especially for older adults since they are at a greater risk of B12 deficiency. Our bodies need the vitamin in order to keep developing and maintaining a healthy nervous system, to produce red blood cells, and DNA. People that are lacking this vitamin in severe cases can experience anemia. Other symptoms connected to B12 deficiency are fatigue, muscle weakness, shakiness, depression, cognitive problems, and much more. So, if you want to stay healthy and active, make sure to pay attention to B12.

4. Avoid salt

With growing age, the risk of hypertension or high blood pressure is getting higher. The blood vessels lose their elasticity with time, and this makes seniors more prone to heart attacks, heart failure, kidney disease, and more. You should start replacing processed foods with unprocessed, adding more meat, poultry, fish, and fruits and vegetables to your diet. Knowing how to detox is very important. If you are using packaged and canned goods, make sure that they are no or low sodium and maybe rinse the foods that you can before consuming. If you want to add flavor to your foods as opposed to using salt, try experimenting with other spices, herbs, lemon juice and more.

5. Do it with somebody

A good idea is to have somebody that has the same goals as you be your “partner in crime.” It doesn’t matter whether the person is your significant other, a friend or a relative. Having somebody that will push you when you do not really feel like it can be very motivating. Moreover, it can be a social thing as well and can be more easily fitted into your routine schedule. So don’t hesitate, sign up for those dancing lessons that you always wanted to take with your spouse, or make your friend join you in the gym.

No matter which activity you choose to do, and which approach you decide to take on this issue, keep in mind that everybody is unique and that what is good for your spouse, for example, might not feel good to you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different exercising activities, different paces, different lengths, and efforts. However, also do not be afraid to push your boundaries since our bodies are miracles and when treated right they can do the unimaginable.


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