The Best Of You In An Awkward Time…

The Best Of You In An Awkward Time

Hi Stargazers,

From July 17th until August 7th, 2020 we need to be very mindful of the way we treat others as we could be accessing a part of ourselves that those people have been preserving for us, a part we have forgotten about.

For 99.9% of us, reality is a reflection, a mirror that reminds us of rejected and repressed parts of ourselves. So if reality looks dark right now, know that you’re looking right into your own darkness.

The good news is that the greatest light from the deepest dark – we just have to access it.

Every Summer we endure a cosmic hot zone of radioactive energy that lasts about three weeks, which will peak on August 7 of 2020. With COVid-19 and social unrest being sustained around the globe, how can we best endure another layer of darkness on top of what we are already experiencing?

Here are just a few practical things you can do based on the astrological forecast:

Chiron: Address your hurt around the meaning of life by finding a renewed, peaceful meaning for it. For so many of us, life has been turned upside down. But a new and peaceful view will give us the ability to see things differently, and this is what’s needed right now, rather than to let our hurt act out with hate.

Pluto: Grow out of old relationships by being honest with yourself and with others. Open your heart to growth and change and pray for the right words that enable you to really be honest with those around you.

Heal your body and take care of your heart.

Increase your immune system by budgeting your energy expenditure.

During these three weeks, we will also be witness to the new moon in cancer (the second one of 2020), and the solar ingression into Leo (ruled by the sun).

There is a lot of emphasis on the sun and moon during these three weeks. In DASH® Astrology, the Sun is female and the Moon is male simply because all life comes from yin, just like the Sun. The Moon receives the Sun’s light and has some issues sustaining it.

The Moon actually wants to be bigger than the Sun. Some texts even say that the Sun and Moon used to be the same size when they had been formed. The Moon shrank because it was so competitive with the Sun and was creating disharmony and so weakened itself.

So the Moon isn’t aware that he is much smaller than the rest of the planets. He has all the same confidence and might as a regular-sized planet.

As if we didn’t already have enough going on? This annual cosmic window brings up a lot of challenges for us as individuals and as a collective.

Astrologically speaking, Leo is a fire sign, ruled by the sun. Leo has a lot of fire to handle and if we’re not careful we could get burned. So how does this fit into the current cosmic landscape of 2020?

It is a negative time we are going through, but it could also be a positive time. Chances are that our collective failure to really optimize this cosmic window in the past has lead to the unleashing of COVID-19 and civil unrest that will only continue in specific areas of the globe which I have been tracking with astrology and spiritual messages.

Two Negatives Make A Positive.

So this is how I see it: two negatives make a positive. It’s almost like they will cancel each other out. We’re already being pushed to the limit of what we can endure on a superficial level and these three weeks will show us that things can always get worse. But I say that they can always get better too.

Generally, these three weeks are a time when we want to refrain from initiating anything new. While we cannot really go on vacation and relax and restore, we can do it from home. Have a staycation by really setting time aside for yourself to restore, relax, and rejuvenate. Actually, I tell clients all the time that wellness is part of a spiritual practice.

We may experience tough love from others, irritability, and find it increasingly difficult to stay focused or motivated. This negative period lasts until the Sun reaches a critical degree in Leo when the energy actually climaxes and releases like a pressure cooker. Until we reach that critical degree of Leo, we are building pressure because it’s hard to release!

I will be guiding us all through a pressure releasing virtual ritual on August 7th, 2020.

For anyone aligned with wellness and spirituality, it can be a time when we are supported to access potential that is usually hidden from us throughout the rest of the year. What does this mean? Well, reality is like a game where we need to discover the parts of ourselves, which we seemed to have misplaced over time. Having these parts reflected back to us is sadly not enough.

During these crucial weeks in Summer, we are being shown where we are on our path. We are accessing our essence and able to reconnect with powerful parts of ourselves that we have forgotten, suppressed, or rejected.

For pretty much everyone else, it has been proven to be a very difficult time of year. People tend to experience road rage and other fits of anger and frustration. That means that we need to make plenty of excuses for people and practice lots and lots of compassion. Don’t drive crazy in the streets and understand that a lot of people could be on edge.

This doesn’t mean that anyone who has signed up for a meditation class gets a free pass. If nothing else, we will see where we stand on our spiritual path by the reactions we have to situations.

Life runs in cycles, and it’s up to us to decide whether we spiral up, down, or stay on the same level. Six months ago, or in six months’ time, depending on how you look at it, we will be in Capricorn, which is 180° opposite Cancer. Capricorn is at the root of the COVID-19 widespread because, as an earth sign, we have given too much power to the material at the cost of suffocating the spiritual, which is why the air has become contaminated.

I will be guiding us all through free meditations throughout these three weeks (on my Instagram @ArikXander) and the main meditation on August 7th, 2020 that will help us release that pressing cooking energy.


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