The Best Healing Tea On The Planet…

The Best Healing Tea On The Planet

Here is my Dr. Haider’s Healing Tea that I make and drink on a regular basis, one cup twice a week. It’s easy to make and takes great. You will feel super and enjoy good health while drinking my great tea. It’s full of lots of wonderful herbs that will do your body good… plus it will give you energy and lift up your mood. And my tea will help stabilize your blood sugar, cleanse your liver, it’s relaxing, soothing, it’s a powerful adaptogen, creates a coating around each cell that prevents disease, it’s great for the GI tract, full of polyphenols, and it helps to prevent disease in general. It also helps with fungal infections, respiratory infections, bacterial infections, it’s immune system boosting, anti-inflammatory, lowers and or stabilizes blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, protects against cancer, keeps away colds and flues, helps with asthma and bronchitis, produces clarity of mind, and protects the nervous system, and helps with ED, and also helps with pain, and so much more… watch my video for the full recipe and more.

Dr. Paul Haider – Master Herbalist

Many Blessings to Everyone!

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