The Benefits Of Energy Healing…

The Benefits Of Energy Healing

My Story of Transformation & How This Can Help You

       I am frequently asked why I’ve decided to become an energy healer and why I chose Reiki and EFT Meridian Tapping as my two favourite healing modalities. The truth is that energy healing helped me heal my soul, mind and body and while on the process of healing myself I also found myself. 

                                                     A Beautiful Shift

        I began to feel passion for life, love for myself and I connected deeply with my higher self, for the first time. I was ready to start a new journey and follow a new path of healing, love, independence, responsibility and inner growth. I started a new relationship with me, a relationship I love.

       Prior to this new shift my life seemed pretty perfect, yet it wasn’t. To the world outside I seemed content, yet I was unhappy and dissatisfied more times than not. Being a mother to my son was what kept me going and I gave my whole self to that, making sure I was the best mom for my son. My marriage was dissolving and after so many moves and starting over so many times I was so tired and more and more I began to feel a disconnect.

                                               Time to Make Huge Decisions…

        I knew I had to make a decision that would change my whole life as I knew it. And just when I needed to feel grounded and at peace with myself that is when Reiki came into my life. Reiki healing helped me so much, gave me calmness of mind which I needed to deal with all the big changes that were occurring in my personal life.

       Reiki healing helped me  heal my heart from all the pain I was feeling and my body. My immune system got stronger, relieved my stress and anxiety, helped me release emotions that no longer served me from my past, balanced my body’s energies & also helped me forgive the situation and the people involved, myself included.

        After experiencing the amazing transformation within myself I knew I wanted to help others the same way. Now I am.

Why I love EFT & How It Helped Me

        With EFT Tapping my story is a little different, not as deep but nonetheless very powerful. EFT helped me with a phobia of snakes I had years ago. I wanted to add another healing technique to my practice & to give clients more options as well.

        EFT is a spectacular technique and I have used it myself for pain relief, cravings, energy, forgiveness, limiting beliefs in the form of tapping with affirmations which by the way works like a charm! & many more other things. EFT/ Emotional Freedom Technique is Chinese acupressure, positive physiology and neuroscience, which controls your nervous system.

         We also say it is the emotional version of acupuncture. It is amazing and I love introducing it to people and treating clients with EFT. I do webinars which I recommend you check those out! The links are always shared on my newsfeeds and updates on my website and social media. I have great things to say about Reiki & EFT and so do my clients. This is my story and all my reasons why I chose this path to help others.

Samantha Cervino

Author, Energy Healer, Personal Growth Coach & Wellness Universe Ambassador


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