The Art Of Mindful Drinking…

The Art Of Mindful Drinking

Whilst the world becomes still and we wait for our lives to start getting busy and stressful again. We can take some wisdom from this present time and choose to continue with these rituals. Choosing to maintain healthy headspace in the future and the art of mindful drinking.

Whether you are new to mindfulness or already practice it, this is a great way to start your day.

Just taking 10-20 minutes of no distractions, this super simple ritual will help you wake and start the day in a positive way.

To begin, wake and don’t reach for your phone or laptop immediately. It can wait.

Prepare yourself a hot beverage (generally we use coffee for our coffee morning ritual but anything can be used)

Find a quiet space and sit in a simple cross legged position or a comfortable chair.

Take a few moments to check in with your breath, placing your left hand on your heart and right hand on your stomach. Shutting your eyes and inhaling, slowly to the count of 3. Exhaling with a sigh, clearing all the lungs and repeat.

Taking the cup or mug in your hands, become aware of the temperature of the drink and any smells you can pick up from it.

Slowly taking your first sip, feel the warmth in your mouth, the taste and the smell. Really focus on how it makes you feel. Does it taste better? Is your breathing still slow and steady or could it be slower and more deeper?

Swallow and pause after taking your first sip. imagine the warmth slowly kissing your throat all the way down and the after taste in your mouth.

Focusing on how the body feels after this first sip.

Continue to repeat in silence and becoming even more aware each time you take another sip.

Really appreciating the fact you are in the present moment and making time for you.

After you have finished drinking your drink, slowly raise your hands above your head and stretch your legs for a beautiful full body stretch.

Have a wonderful day


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