The Art of Contemplation As A Spiritual Practice…

The Art of Contemplation As A Spiritual Practice

We hear about meditation often, but another practice of spirituality that is common in Christian tradition as well as in Buddhism is the act of contemplation. Contemplative or analytic meditation, as it is known in Buddhism, is the act of analyzing our surroundings and coming to conclusions about the nature of reality through logical reasoning. It has been very helpful on my own journey of spiritual awakening.

When we contemplate our surroundings, we can begin to let go of lower level emotions, such as fear and anger, that might be holding us back or causing us to fail rather than thrive in life, and we can make better choices for ourselves. Or, perhaps we can begin to understand why these emotions might exist in the first place. Through contemplation, we understand that it is our choice in terms of how we want to perceive and experience reality.

We begin to see life from a more cerebral perspective, which can allow us to detach from the chaos of reality. It can be healing to practice contemplation, as we begin to be guided towards situations that make more sense on a practical level as well as enhancing the power of our own mind, which is where we can find a connection to God and something greater than ourselves. The act of thinking is one that actually activates the spiritual chakras– the third eye and the crown, because these chakras are located in the mind.

Contemplative meditation can be difficult to practice, because essentially it is the action of thinking your way to spiritual enlightenment—analyzing each and every situation you are or have been involved in on a deep level. It can cause us to become out of touch with reality if we are not careful, when we become too stuck in the mind, which is something I caution when delving into spiritual practices in general. The idea of becoming involved in spirituality is to find a state of balance between the mind, body, and spirit. But contemplation of one’s surroundings is a good introduction as a spiritual practice. It has personally allowed me to overcome addictions, to make better choices in terms of the food I eat, the people I spend time with, and the situations I become involved in. It is as simple as being mindful of the choices we are making on a daily basis and making an active effort to learn from our mistakes.


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