The Art of Coming Full Circle…

The Art of Coming Full Circle

Moving through life there are so many choices to make. How many times have you come to a fork in the road pondering which direction to travel next? Should you go left or should you go right? Many people remain rooted and fixed to that nexus point, forever spinning and repeating the same behavior patterns creating a deeper groove. The comfort can be too hard to leave, even knowing nothing good comes remaining staying the same. The term rooted in fear applies here. As 2019 ended, I had a knowing I had come to the end of a cycle. As the cycles completed, things I felt I had resolved or dealt with came up one more time to trigger that last bit of awareness and full release. It felt like scraping the last bit of gum off my shoe, that tiny residual bit of emotional stuff that needed to go to make room for what’s next. Ironically, I commissioned an artist to create a painting for me and she called it Full Circle!

Coming full circle for me means the end of cycles, patterns, and behaviors that no longer serve me. It was like the door closed and I stepped into the next phase of my life. It happened right on time without fanfare or excitement. I felt anticipation along with a sense of accomplishment. Many karmic wheels were completed last year. They felt ancient and somehow transcended time and space. The last time I felt like this was the day that I graduated college. I had finally finished my education and was excited about what the next chapter would bring. 2020 kind of feels like that for me. Growth does not come without challenges and there were many placed in my path in 2019. It wasn’t easy, and yet here I am on the other side of it all dusting myself off while I get myself ready for whatever it is coming next.

All of time is a spiral, it’s not the linear experience most people relate to. As we travel up the spiral, repeating experiences present opportunities for us to face ourselves and deal with the wounds and issues that require healing within. At different points along the spiral track we revisit experiences creating opportunities to heal aspects of ourselves. We are touching the same nexus points further along the spiral where the same patterns repeat. Old stories come up triggered by people or experiences gifting us opportunities to heal and move forward. This requires turning inward when we feel triggered and asking questions about why we are feeling emotions around something. When we recognize these patterns and can sit in the emotional discomfort in the space we create, things that require healing are revealed. The art of coming full circle means recognizing and sitting in the discomfort, choosing to elevate and transcend all that no longer serves us and completing a cycle.

Each time we spiral back and touch on our patterns, we are given the chance to respond in a more elevated way. Detach, step back, and find a higher perspective. Respond with love, set healthy boundaries and/or walk away. Patterns can look like but aren’t limited to staying in a relationship with someone we’ve outgrown, repeating the same experiences at work, or allowing the same behaviors and thought patterns with our families that drag us down. Each time we ignore the signs, the Universe will amplify the next experience. Pay attention to the signs and shift awareness to the heart. Feeling instead of thinking is the key here. Acknowledge the truth around what’s being triggered within. Learn the lesson, own your truth and respond to each circumstance from the higher perspective. There will be a release and ascension from cutting the ballast weighing you down.

Coming full circle for me meant the resolution of old wounds within myself. It felt like I was healing not only myself, but also breaking ancestral patterns sending healing forwards and backwards along the timeline. It wasn’t just emotional healing it was energetic and karmic. Healing old patterns required consciousness. I chose consciously what to bring with me into 2020 and what to leave behind. I focused on my future. Anything that doesn’t support living my best life is not allowed to occupy space in my life. Fear no longer has a hold on me, I’ve released the fear of not being enough. I show up with love for myself instead of criticism and judgment.

There are deeply embedded programs that keep people in lower density and vibration. Social conditioning from the media and peer pressure from our culture, peers and family keep us fighting for our place in the world. It’s up to us to do the inner work to set ourselves free from the fear paradigm and programming so deeply ingrained in our psyche. All the answers lie within us, but we must be willing to tune in. If you are lost and don’t know where to turn, find someone to support you on your journey back to your highest and best self. There are many light workers out there to offer guidance.

The time is NOW to break the pattern. You cannot turn dust into gold if you refuse to evolve and grow. To manifest all that you desire requires complete alignment with your soul. There is no room here for Ego, fear, doubt or excuses. Discernment around what feels aligned with you is critical. This means honoring your time, your energy, and your truth. Stop compromising yourself. Let go of the people pleasing. Set boundaries! You are under no obligation to live the life someone else wants for you at your own expense! If you have been living your entire life to please others, it’s time to honor yourself, to live your best life. Come with me and experience the joy of coming full circle. When you find your way back to your authentic self you set yourself free!


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