The Art Of Allowing Your Highest Good In A Twin Flame Love…

The Art Of Allowing Your Highest Good In A Twin Flame Love

Eventually, after the core healing is done in your Twin Flame ascension, you will desire love in your life again. Don’t rush this process: “What is yours will never miss you”…

I believe that we don’t have to focus on a Twin Flame union. In fact, if we do, we often sabotage it, because the energy of wanting has a duality attached to it that represents: “I don’t have it yet”.

So, in all of my teachings I focus on healing the mind, body and soul and bringing it into a pure alignment where there is no fear, no ego and no false illusions or expectations controlling one’s life. From this place of purity, authenticity and truth, beautiful things are born including love. Because true Divine union is a bi-product of healing and genuine alignment with your soul’s calling. It’s like shooting an arrow and you cannot miss the bullseye if you had trained for years and mastered the art of alignment, allowing and trust. Then, hitting the bullseye is as effortless as it gets.

Controlling, clinging and demanding love is fear based masculine energy that doesn’t belong to the Divine awakened woman who knows her value. This actually repels love in all forms.

The Divine love is all about sacred partnership rather than a standard relationship. When we release all blocks, true love will always find us…but it may not be how our ego imagined it, hence why staying open, humble and willing to allow whatever is meant for our highest good is crucial.

Why more people don’t teach this? Because opening your heart to the unknown requires a tremendous amount of surrender and trust.

Most people cling to what they think they want (egoicly) or what they heard elsewhere because it’s safe. This way they don’t have to open themselves up to anything new, expand their trust or transcend fear (because that’s challenging the ego and it’s often painful).

Except, with this restricted mindset and closed heartset you often never get what you desire because at the same time you are emitting the energy of wanting = which equates to “I don’t have it yet”…

So instead, surrender to trust and practice ALLOWING…

Feel into the energy of trust – it’s easy, soothing, allowing, knowing that what is meant for you, will always find you.

Here is a useful mantra: “I allow my highest good to manifest and I trust my path. Everything is always working out for me in perfect timing.” 🍀✨💖

Take a few deep breaths if this triggers anxiety and repeat it long enough for this to become your new truth in everything you do…

True honest SELF-MASTERY takes patience and practice…


Monxx 💖

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