The April Full Moon Of Prosperity…

The April Full Moon Of Prosperity

“It’s time to finance the building of your reality.” -@ArikXander

Hi Stargazers!

How blessed are we to witness the full moon of prosperity during these times of economic turbulence. But, with uranus transiting through Taurus, it’s no wonder so many businesses are facing new challenges.

However! No need to cry or feel discouraged. This full moon of prosperity is helping us, as well as the collective, remove obstacles standing in the way of wealth, abundance, and riches on all levels! The action we need to take is to stop crying over spilled milk and soften the judgment that has been unleashed on the world. I will talk more about this in the Prosperity Full Moon Online Workshop. With five planets in Taurus on this full moon, the chart is supporting the removal of obstacles and the re-construction of reality. The full moon will show us where we stand in building our reality. Do we want money to sit on? Or do we want money to build things? Obviously, when we want money to build, we create a flow of it. Prosperity then heals deprivation.

Those who want money to sit on, are never satisfied with what they have. Think of the story based on J. Paul Getty, All the Money in the World. Money, not wealth, can be attained without fulfillment. This kind of money needs to be protected and is often manipulated in the name of greed for the green. In fact, this program is what has operated within humanity, individually and collectively, for ages. Greed is even what’s behind many of the issues we face today. Those who have the ability to manipulate markets and the economy have a lot of influence, which has become obvious since the lockdowns. This type of money fuels almost every industry including the media, religion, food, real estate, finance, and education (all of which are ruled by Taurus BTW).

I am inviting as many people as possible to depower these financial manipulations so that we can send out energy that will expose the evil agendas with the power of this full moon of prosperity. We are asked to take responsibility for our part, and then send the light that’s revealed by taking responsibility, back out into the world. This will also invite prosperity back into your life to finance the building of your reality.

Remember, those who want to sit on their resources will do ANYTHING to protect it and hoard it, which is the ultimate pollution.

What does the full moon mean?

There is a reason why many people feel out of balance during the full moon: It is a time of great transformative energy, and most people are not equipped to handle it. That is why I offer the Full Moon Online Workshops, so that you may safely access this power to dismantle your challenges and activate your strengths and virtues. Although every full moon amplifies the power to melt down obstacles, each lunar event has a unique planetary configuration and thus unique transformative qualities. This full moon is connecting us to the power of prosperity and mercy. You can use the Prosperity and Scorpio Essential Oil Blends to help activate the lunar power.

Scorpio wants control over others and will go to any length to get it, or a fantasy of it. This is an extremely powerful full moon that will expose many of the manipulations at play. We can then meltdown these patterns standing in the way of our goals within the Full Moon Workshop.

The question of this quest

With Zodiac Hacks astrology, the full moon is a time of reflection, when each of the archetypes asks us a specific question to assist us on our quest. In order to see which obstacles we need to remove, each full moon poses a unique question for reflection, as the sun and moon are in opposition – reflecting back to each other the light of Truth. As this opposition occurs, a 48-hour space is rendered do us to operate within. This space is made of stardust atoms that interact with your being on all levels.

In this particular cycle, we can access the best of us beyond any quality of duality, by asking ourselves the following question:

Do I have a tendency to cry over spilled milk? Why?

There is a lot of power and light to be had with this full moon of Scorpio, depending on where it’s happening in your chart. We can control our actions so that we can manifest our destiny.


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