The 2018 Autumn Equinox

Where the Spring Equinox determines the quality of what we will receive throughout the year, the Autumn Equinox determines the quantity. On the Autumn Equinox, which is the beginning of the month of Libra, our karma file is being reviewed, weighed and measured, and how much we will get in the coming year will be determined accordingly.

This includes money, time, and anything else that can be measured. It’s sufficient to say that our consciousness on this day will make all the difference. Obviously, the Autumn Equinox is so important that we take the entire month of Virgo to prepare for it by atoning and repairing the negative karma we have created.

The first day of the Autumn Equinox is a day of wrathful judgment; we will all feel it as our transgressions from this life as well as from past lives, are being weighed. This may make for aches and pains – physical, emotional and spiritual alike – as the sum of our negative behavior is being reviewed by the higher courts (the same courts we will meet after we die).

The second day of the Autumn Equinox is a day of compassionate judgement in relation to the shadow archetype of the year, which this year is, coincidentally, Judgement. So hold onto to your heads, it’s a day of judgement, in a Judgement cycle.

Understanding the consciousness of the year, specifically from September until March, gives us the instruction manual we need to oversee the Autumn and Winter cycles, and effect positive change in areas we want. No matter what it is, we can draw down the energy needed to redirect our fate, thereby creating our own destiny by consciously working with, rather than being subjected to, the power of the archetypes.

What’s most important is that we are in a state of happiness on these days to ensure our “review board” that we are elevating ourselves and our environment and therefore need to be balanced upward, gently.

What are Archetypes?

There are twenty-two primordial archetypes that serve as the most subtle energy in our existence.

In the Zohar, the foundational work of Kabbalah, we learn that two thousand years before the creation in genesis, twenty-two sublime intelligences emanated and ruled in panoramic delight. Each archetypal intelligence is unique and has qualities that rule and govern all the systems and subsystems in all worlds, from the invisible awe-inspiring light of enlightenment, to the overpopulated samsaric bardos.

These twenty-two archetypes reside within what Carl Jung coined as the pool of the “collective unconscious”. They serve as the raw material to mold and shape our realities and hopefully contribute to a better world. In other words, the twenty-two archetypes serve as the cosmic blueprint for all of life in all its unlimited expressions, and we can use them as tools.

One way to use the tools of the archetypes is to observe the yearly archetypal blessings and challenges that we will face. We decipher the annual archetype ruler by adding up the digits of the current year. Every astrological new year marks the beginning of a new rotation of the zodiac, aka the Spring Equinox.

The current year adds up to a Eleven since 2+0+1+8 = 11. Though 11 could technically be reduced further to a 2, we are unable to work with the 2 directly because its high vibration is far beyond our capacity. As such, we work with the 11th and the 20th archetype from the Tarot, the 11th ruling over Spring and Summer: The Archetype of Justice. In Autumn, we work with what’s called the “shadow archetype” of the yearly archetype. The shadow is determined numerologically. We have 22 archetypes, so the 20th archetype would be the shadow to the 11 and the 2 respectively. The shadow of any archetype teaches us of the parts we are unaware of and are hidden from us.


It comes as no surprise that Judgement is the shadow archetype to Justice.

The Judgement archetype asks us to look at ourselves as we really are. It is also the only archetype where we can level-up, or upgrade into our next version. What this essentially tells us is that after a karma is balanced, we either move up or serve the sentence until that karma has run out.

Until we upgrade we tend to pump ourselves up or sell ourselves short, none of which is our true, essential self.

Anyone Can Judge

One of the easiest things to do is to judge others. It requires no skill and serves as entertainment. The glee we get from our “genius” opinions can be addictive. But like any drug, the consequences are severe, and can impose serious limitations in life.

Judgment requires no intelligence, restriction, refinement or will – it is reactive, violent, habitual, and automatic. While we like to impress ourselves with our judgments, write about them, or disguise them as “intuition”, we need to consider that our personal upgrade comes from not judging.

The trap here is that we get a lot of energy from judging and having opinions, exploring people’s motives, or even gossiping and stirring up drama. But that energy is nothing compared to what we access when we resist the temptation to have an opinion about others.

While anyone can judge, we should remember that in order to be extraordinary, we should stop judging others.

How to recognize Judgement – incoming and outgoing

Incoming Judgement always comes with a sting. It has a certain type of energy that is like an attack. It can be chaotic.

Now the paradox here is that every judgement that we’ve sent out, comes back to us. It might take 5 minutes, or 5 lifetimes, but it does set out to return to us. The only way we can stop it, is through atonement, which is why we dedicate the entire month of Virgo to repairing the past and pave the way to the future we want.

So, what do we mean when we say we receive a judgement against us? Well, a judgement can be anything from banging our toe on the corner of our bed to missing a flight to contracting a disease; basically any misfortune, ripening of karma, or the s#@t hitting the fan. Though every judgement is actually a blessing in disguise, we will only penetrate to that level if we take responsibility. Otherwise we will not see it, as the disguises may be great indeed, and in a worst case scenario we will add insult to injury, i.e. create more future judgement by blaming and feeling victimized.

So whenever a judgement is cast, it’s always the effect of something else. Everything that we are dealing with will always show us where we stand with letting go of the past, which means it shows us how much we have confronted it, and have dealt with our denial about it.

Judgement is necessary, albeit not always pleasant, it does have its proper task to keep us on our path, when we begin to stray or stay in places for too long.

With this archetype, we can eliminate old cells and old patterns. It will dig and bring everything up into the light, only to be illuminated and burned out.

We can easily recognize judgements in our life by anything that makes us unhappy, uncertain or challenges egotistical patterns.

Accountability is True Power.

When we have learned and accepted that we are always accountable for everything we experience in our world, we will access true power. Until then, whenever we reject and blame states of the world, or reject and complain about our own, we are casting judgement and are denying power.

Energetically speaking, when we judge others, we take on some of the negativity of the other person and make it part of our character. Let’s be very clear about this. It’s not that we judge and then we take it away; when we judge someone else, we take on from whatever negativity they have – and that’s whether our judgement was accurate or not! Imagine there was a basket and all the negativity a certain person has is in there bunched up in pieces big or small and then, when we judge this person, we dip into the basket and blindly grab a piece, which instantly copies itself. Now, not only have we successfully contributed to more negativity everywhere, we also added to our lot by introducing obstacles into our lives that aren’t even intrinsically ours.

So keep this in mind whenever your behavior is out of the ordinary. Ask yourself, “who is acting this way and did I/do I judge this person”? Then we need to atone to get rid of that energy and remove the obstacles created.

This archetype “Judgement” wants us to upgrade and to access all that true power, which is essentially the power of immortality. This way, every encounter becomes an opportunity to be accountable and add to our lives, not detract from it.

Balance Opposites to Access the True Self.

The Archetype of Judgement will show us how insane it is to compare ourselves with others. Again, this is a great way to recognize judgement. When we are in competition, or measuring who is better or worse, we are attacking and judging others.

When we have truly accepted that we are all one, logic will prevent us from judging because it is inhumane to injure ourselves.

Spiritually speaking, when we judge others, it is said that God holds our judgements in a queue. If we were to experience all of our judgements at once and right away, we would die instantly and nothing could ever be resolved.

However, ready or not, whenever we judge others, we prematurely activate the judgements that are in queue against us, which can severely alter our reality.

The good news is that when we don’t judge, all the judgements waiting for us will never be casted. Plus, if we can atone for our judgements, then they will disappear altogether.

Remember, judgement has many disguises, but we will only be judged to the degree that we have judged others.

Accessing Higher Realms.

It is with this archetype that we are given the opportunity to come out on top of all our judgements. It is the only archetype which gives us the power to level-up, or resurrect if you will.

All limitations can be blown away, and with this archetype we can move towards liberation from suffering.

When a judgement has been casted in the lower courts (of man) we serve the sentence. The same is true of the upper courts. So never forget that everything in life is fair, and it is always up to us to transcend the challenges and reach our next level. Nobody else can do it for us.


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