The #1 Way To Create More Love In Your Life…

The #1 Way To Create More Love In Your Life

Heart key sticks up out of wooden table.

We all want love.

In fact, the desire to feel love, to be loved and to experience love is deeply embedded into the core subconscious programming of all individuals. It just so happens that our subconscious programming runs up to 90 percent of our life (that’s why working on the subconscious mind through advanced energy medicine technologies is so necessary and relevant, but more on that in the future).

This desire to experience love is a powerful motivator that drives every human on Earth, whether they consciously realize it or not, to take a multitude of actions and manifests in a variety of behaviors – both wanted and unwanted. Examples of this “I need Love” program running are: overly self-focused social media posts, competing with others to be the best in a chosen area, obsessively seeking partnership/relationship, the pursuit of fame, working doggedly for a promotion or to prove your success in business/school/relationship, drinking and drug use.

This is all happening in the subconscious hope of feeling loved and lovable, and in the case of drugs and alcohol – trying to stuff the feeling that one is not loved and lovable. We imagine that when we feel truly loved and lovable – by the people we hold in high esteem especially – then we will be okay. Then, we can relax. Then we can really enjoy our life.

As most of us recovering perfectionists, type A’s and addicts have found, that day simply never comes. What does usually come however is burnout, crisis, and life falling apart – all in the attempt to wake us up. Because there’s a better way. A way that will bring you what none of the above can – peace and true knowing that you are loved, lovable and worthy of experiencing love.

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Focus on your own existence

Picture of beautiful smiling woman with glasses.

When you know your lovability and it’s based on nothing else other than because you exist – you don’t chase anything.

Your life is spacious.






Vital and alive.

And filled with what you truly love.

The most radical act any of us can take at this time in consciousness is to create a life of this kind of peace, beauty, joy, aliveness, and love. Today, I’m going to give you the #1 way that you can create more love in your life. It’s inspired by my new book, Love Now: Your Daily Dose of Love & Miracles.

Here it is:

Every morning and evening go to a mirror. Look yourself squarely in the eyes. Smile. Take a deep breath.

Then say,

“I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

Then, not breaking eye contact, take another deep breath and smile.

Then, start or end your day.

Tears may come. Full body sobbing may come. Laughter may erupt. A smile as big as your home may too. Honor whatever comes and don’t try to understand it or make sense of it or figure it out. Just let whatever emotions come up be there and hold them in Love. While I added an extra “I love you” at the end, you may notice that this practice is from the ancient Hawaiian healing method, Ho’oponopono. It brings a high frequency of love, self-responsibility, and understanding that through the interconnectedness of all things, loving and forgiving ourselves is the #1 most powerful way to create more love for ourselves and for our Earth.

So, give this practice a try for 11 days. Then maybe continue it for another 11 days and then another 11 and then another.

Be sure to report back in the comments below on what you notice when you do!


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