Testimonial Of A Man Who Attended A Vipassana Meditation Retreat…

Testimonial Of A Man Who Attended A Vipassana Meditation Retreat

Upon my urging Ricardo Madrigal took a 10 day FREE Vipassana Meditation Retreat. Ricardo was longing for a deeper spiritual understanding of himself and wanted to kick start his meditation process.

Ricardo said the retreat was not easy, you have hours upon hours of meditation practice everyday… and it’s amazing that all the food and lodging is FREE.

But now I feel “CALM” and have a greater sense of “PEACE” within.

He also said he learned to have patience which is something he didn’t have before.

Ricardo also had an Epiphany on day 6, 7, and 8 and sometimes twice a day that he felt so peaceful, his whole body was very relaxed, no pain, no sounds could distract him, he was so calm and at peace… yet he knew where he was.

And he also said the retreat is a lot to take in and digest.

There is a lot of wisdom to absorb.

Plus Ricardo was more in touch with himself than ever before.

Ricardo now feels he’s going in the right direction with everything he experienced at the retreat.

Ricardo found the first 3 days of the retreat were challenging, being new to meditation… it felt as if he was working 4 hours a day.

But then something changed… there was a shift within… and everything was much easier after that.

Surrender is the key to the whole process… and most of us have a very hard time surrendering. Surrendering goes against the grain here in the US. We are taught from a very young age to keep pushing and working hard… so it’s hard to let go and surrender and find inner peace.

At this retreat, you get to know yourself deep down inside which is important.

Because the essence of our Creator, Great Spirit, and the Universe lives within. And to touch that great energy within by calming the raging bull of incessant thinking makes all the difference in the world.

Now Ricardo has a great foundation for his meditation practice and will continue doing his daily meditate practice 2 hours every day. First thing in the morning and again right after work.

I highly recommend that everyone attend one of these retreats.

I’ve even seen people go to this retreat and have their Hashimoto’s Disease disappear because their stress disappeared. Stress is directly connected to so many diseases including autoimmune disease.

Here is the link to this retreat… find a Vipassana Meditation Retreat near you… this site is not very mobile friendly so use your computer. And don’t put yourself on a waiting list people always go to these retreats. Take the first available retreat that has space… and know that your life will change forever.


Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider


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