Ten Long Term Effects Of Trauma And Abuse…

Ten Long Term Effects Of Trauma And Abuse


Here are some common but not always commonly discussed effects of trauma. The good news is that you CAN heal.

1. Living in the past or the future. Not being able to enjoy the present moment.

2. Fear of trusting yourself and your intuition because you didn’t or couldn’t listen in the past.

3. Generalized anxiety and depression. This can include lack of motivation and belief in yourself.

4. Addiction of any kind, including emotional eating, social media, shopping…

5. Trouble establishing relationships. Vulnerability and trust can be difficult when your trust has been violated.

6. Social anxiety

7. Not being able to get in touch with your feelings. You might be so used to pushing them down that it can be hard to bring them to the surface

8. Physical symptoms that don’t seem to have a cause. These can be anything but common ones are headache, stomach issues, brain fog, aches and pains, fatigue and frequent illness

9. Insomnia even many years after. We often relive trauma and abuse while we sleep without even realizing it.

10. Generalized anger and irritability.

It is never too late to get help, even if you have never told anyone about the trauma or abuse.  I have seen people heal after even ten, twenty or more years of having never been in therapy.  The important thing is to release the shame and fear and tell your story. You are not alone.


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