Telos – Where Are You Going?…

Telos – Where Are You Going?

Aristotle used the term Telos to define an object or person’s purpose, goal, or end. For him, it meant something a little extra, though. It also meant “the state in which something’s nature is fulfilled”. For a river to unfold towards the ocean, for example, would be for the river to achieve it’s Telos – and it’s already fulfilled simply by being on its path.

I believe this ancient wisdom brings new light to the commonly used notion of purpose, which can seem so elusive and confusing.

If you were to take a moment and look at your life right now, you know what’s next for you. You may not think you do, but if your honest, you’re at least clear on what direction you want to move towards – what direction would feel great to move towards.  Consider this direction right now is your Telos, and just by being in motion, even one step, your fulfillment begins.

Whatever your direction is (whether it’s providing love for your family, or starting your own business), consider that your nature is longing for fulfillment in reaching it, and you will be fulfilled just to start. If that’s the case, why not let yourself begin today?

Reaching the end of the path you’d be starting on might seem impossible right now, or you might feel afraid to even begin. Yet deep down you know that simply being on the path is right for you.

You know that if you mustered up the courage, self-trust, or boldness, that you’d be fulfilled just to get going, and that you can always take the next step when the moment for the next step comes.


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