Tech-Neck: Symptoms & Exercises…

Tech-Neck: Symptoms & Exercises

“Change is inevitable, but growth is optional.”

The last decade has been transformational in many ways. Life has become easier to manage for some and harder for others. But we can all agree that technology has created… Ok! I will skip the long and redundant introduction on how technology is creating new imbalances in our physical body and get right into it.

What is Tech-Neck, Text-Neck?

According to BBC Future and Dr. Shahar: “When we’re sitting upright, these hefty objects are balanced neatly on top of our spines. But as we lean forwards to pore over famous dogs on social media, our necks must strain to hold them in place. Doctors call the pain this can cause text-neck.”

The main symptoms for tech-neck are:

◾ Headache

◾ Stiff Neck

◾ Neck Spasm

◾ Pain between shoulder blades

◾ Irritability

◾ Difficulty Concentrating

◾ Chronic Jaw Pain



Sit with your spine erect in a comfortable chair or on the floor. Interlace your fingers under your chin and bring the elbows to touch. With your exhale open the elbow to the side and gently stretch your head back.

It is important to open up the throat and activate the thyroid glands which regulate your heart rates, brain activity, regulation, and most importantly your metabolism.


Bring your hands up, interlace your fingers, point the index fingers up. Inhale lengthen your spine, straighten your elbow. Exhale push your chest forward, open the collarbones. By opening up our chest, we are regulating our breath, allowing more oxygen to enter our lungs, and expanding our ribcage.

3. Shoulder stretch

You can also stretch your shoulder while sitting on your desk. Bring your palms, shoulder-width apart on top of your desk, and push your chest towards the floor. This stretch can help with our overall posture and improve our rounded shoulders.

4. Puppy stretch

This is a more advanced and deep stretch, that combines the opening of the shoulders as well as of the throat.

Come into a tabletop position, knees, hips-distance apart, and right under your hips. Extend your hands forward and bring your chest and chin to the mat if is available. Otherwise, you can modify this pose by bringing your forehead or mouth on the mat.


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