Teaching Kids Yoga

After many years of teaching kids and yoga, I had the chance to teach a kids yoga class. I am so glad that I decided to teach the class because it has turned out to be the most fun and fulfilling teaching job I have ever done. By combining my love of teaching kids and my love of teaching yoga I have found what is the perfect job for me. I don’t think of it as a job though; I think of it as fun!

To be able to see the class enjoy yoga through games and activities is a joy. But even more remarkable is to see them seriously meditating and even relaxing in savasana. I never imagined they would be able to do that type of thing after having so much active yoga.

For me it has been a true learning experience as I have learned as a teacher something about kids that I never realized before. They need a chance to relax and unwind just like adults.


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