Taurus Season 2022 For All Signs! Accessing The Wisdom Within Yourself…

Taurus Season 2022 For All Signs! Accessing The Wisdom Within Yourself

“We need a guide, but sometimes we just have to listen to our essential self; otherwise, we can always blame or hide behind our chosen authority or who we have faith in, making them the cause of our suffering.” -@ArikXander, Zodiac Hacks: Constellations (p. 84).

Hi Stargazers!

We are moving into the second phase of Spring as we enter Taurus Season 2022. Every zodiac season of every sign is different than the year before and the years that will come. This year, we have an extra emphasis on making changes and working with light. Plus, Taurus is the only sign entirely engulfed within the Seven Week Ascension Journey we are currently running through (more on that at the end).

This Taurus Season is concentrated on spiritual energy. We are called to focus on whatever we have in priority. We may learn that many of our priorities are based on illusions that separate us from the Truth of God. We go down these paths of illusionary priority, thinking we are guided by angels when really we are guided by our voids and ego programming. On the other hand, our true priorities lift us up into a new life of meaning, and can save us from detours when we are committed to them.

Depending on us, we could be fast-tracked to a state of effortless success with little replenishment needed. Endless energy is ours if we let go of stubbornness where Taurus rules in your chart (find out where this is in the Taurus Season Workshop →)

In this class, I talk about change, and about the energy of light — the energy fields around you — what you are actually seeing when you look at the stars — about the opportunity available for you to download light and manage it — and how, with the attitude of embracing change, celebrating life in the midst of challenges, praising the ability to face life and to spiritually transform — you make life lighter for everyone.

Taurus Season 2022 is about healing and evolving — transforming your selfish desires into desire for benefitting others, and coming to appreciate the energy of love. It is about living and interacting in a constantly changing world by accessing the wisdom within yourself.

Please Read Carefully: it needs to be mentioned that with Taurus Season 2022 we will enter into the first Eclipse Season of the year. Eclipse Season is a time when secrets and hidden subconscious secret patterns arise to the surface which provide us with a powerful opportunity to transform and upgrade, if we are prepared. All the 2022 eclipses will occur in both Taurus and Scorpio this year. It’s about releasing sexual misconduct, secrets, entitlement, and dark magic while pulling towards stability, beauty, and new systems. New systems will be implemented under this cycle and we will get a new meaning of life as we know it.

The eclipses will occur as scheduled:

  • Apr. 30: Solar Eclipse in Taurus
  • May 16: Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

The first eclipse is about detaching from negative influences and attaching to positive energies, like angels. It may be a bit disruptive as it’s aligned with unpredictable Uranus, but it’s time to break free from parasitic programs and move into the new you. The second eclipse is about attaining unity without war since Jupiter will be at a critical degree in Aries.

Optimize and prepare for these ellipses by tuning into both online events when available.

Mercury will go retrograde on May 10, 2022, one day before Jupiter enters superhero Aries which is all about being the hero and pioneering into a new world.

Mercury retrograde will last from May 10 – to Jun. 2, 2022. This won’t be an easy one since Mercury rules over Gemini! Mercury retrograde affects our focus and communication. Keep it together as much as possible, stay focused, and double-check travel plans, contracts, and negotiations. Avoid beginning or signing anything big if possible.

The cure to any Mercury Retrograde period is an introspection of the themes of space Mercury is transiting within your astrological chart. If we can introspect on all themes regarding communication and superficial exchanges, we will seriously level up.

Winds of change are now blowing from within! The normal energy of communication and movement is going in reverse on the outside as we are going within. Healing our cells as we communicate with each other.

It will be a time to open the mind and go against the intellectual winds blocking us from spirituality. So be mindful of that!

Taurus is the only sign that falls within the yearly seven-week journey through the Tree of Life. Now more than ever, we need to take refuge within the Tree of Life to manifest all the light and magic surrounding the earth. There is more magic than ever, just waiting for us to use it, and now is the time.

All the Transits this Taurus season with emoji commentary:

  • Apr 19 Taurus Season begins 🙌
  • Apr 29 Pluto goes retrograde Capricorn 🥶
  • Apr 30 New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Taurus 😇
  • May 5 Sun combusts Uranus 🫠👨‍💻
  • May 10 Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini 🙃
  • May 11 Jupiter enters Aries 🦸‍♂️
  • May 16 Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio 🥵🌕
  • May 18 Mars conjunct Neptune 🧎‍♂️
  • May 20 Sun enters Gemini 👯‍♂️

⁂ The cosmic signature of the season is a healing push forward into new systems.

⁂ The hack of the season is the courage that comes from innocence. See things as new.

⁂ The challenge this season is subconsciously acting out old patterns.

Let’s have look at how Taurus Season 2022 will influence each sign:

  1. Aries: Be yourself and heal the wounds that are seeping to the surface. True friends love you for who you are and not what they want you to be.
  2. Taurus: Make big changes at a slow pace now. There is no need to rush into an opportunity that will happen on its own. Heal and increase the value of all life. Don’t forget to get a solar return reading to see what the year has in store for you ahead.
  3. Gemini: No fears, what-so-ever. Move forward knowing that all will be well, and then it will. Otherwise, you may be plagued with thoughts about money and how it will all work. Let the universe take care of the details.
  4. Cancer: Hold onto the sense of adventure even if you suspect that it’s not as new as you once thought. It’s an illusion, now is the time to move forward and leave the past behind. Don’t look back.
  5. Leo: When you’re happy, the money will flow in. That’s the message during this time. A lot of it will come to the degree that you’re able to live in love now.
  6. Virgo: Work and wellness is the theme. It might be all that you, but it will be good for you to get some healing to calm down and restore so that you can give your best. Don’t think about it, just relax and recharge so that you can fulfill your sense of duty with the quantum fields on your side.
  7. Libra: Some things may come up within your relationships this season. A great time to do some auditing and cleansing to improve them. It will give you a stronger sense of self within them and within yourself. Find balance within who you are, and not within who you are with others.
  8. Scorpio: Don’t forget those lessons you have learned as you move forward. At the same time, don’t let the unlearned lessons prevent you from moving forward. It’s a time for optimism and healing any old self-inflicted stings.
  9. Sagittarius: Trust in your intuition even if it isn’t making much sense. You will have a bigger picture of what’s going on this season, so allow yourself to be guided by a higher voice. Open your mind if you can’t hear it.
  10. Capricorn: You’re working a lot and thinking about what needs to be done. Network and establish those connections. Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing if you forget throughout the season.
  11. Aquarius: Share your experiences and lessons with others. It could be a time to learn those hard lessons now. Saturn is in your sign, slowing things down, but also building you up if you can handle it. Don’t be stuck in the past living like a robot.
  12. Pisces: Dive deep into who you are and keep living your life as it’s unfolding. Or change course. Just enjoy whatever you do and listen to your dreams – some are trash but some have messages. It’s time to expand and lose your baggage.


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