Taurus Season 2021

The network of angels is our true support system. -@ArikXander

Hi Stargazers!

This year, Taurus Season begins on the same day as the seven-week Journey Through The Tree of Life which is when we tune into frequencies and clear out the blockages within the manifestation process. Taurus is a time to clear and build the streams of income, not only of money but also light.

As written in the 2021 Forecast, on Jan. 1 we began a year-long cycle within an archetype called The Hierophant, the ruler of Taurus. So Taurus Season 2021 will be double Taurus energy! Plus, 2021 is the Chinese Year of the Ox, which is also linked in with Taurus, so it’s actually triple Taurus energy!

To add to this, we will see the first Taurus stellium (a congregation of planets) in the month of Taurus! It’s Taurus mania right now!

Zodiac Hacks

So what are the Zodiac Hacks for this massive volcanic Taurus energy about to erupt?

This year, we are called to connect with the network of angels so that we can gain guidance in these lost times. Even if you have guidance, you will need more as each and every day will present its challenges. Life is full of unexplainable ups and downs. At the time of this writing for example, we are in what’s called a “bull market” which is when market prices are rising or are expected to rise. It’s a time of increase and expansion, as symbolized by the Wall Street Bull. But it also applies to the spiritual realm. The light in our world is increasing, but it isn’t as obvious to see if we are not connected to the angelic stream, but are rather plugged into other streams of consciousness. We are granted the unique opportunity to unplug from these other streams of manipulation and mind control and connect to the stream where you control your mind.

What’s important to know now is that angels are the subatomic particles responsible for billions of tasks. Anything from the success of any venture, to meeting your soulmate or even finding your keys, angels appear to do a job and then vanish once completed. There is an order of angels responsible for putting us in the right place at the right time, speaking the right words, and inspiring others, and allowing you to control the atoms in our reality. Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle tells us that our thoughts alter the movement of these particles. This is why it’s so important that we control our thoughts and transform uncertainty. Our state of mind, our perceptions, our projections, and even our uncertainty determine the reality we live in through the guidance of these angelic particles.

As you can imagine, a positive thought invites a positive particle and a negative thought invites a negatively dominant particle. These positive (angels) and negative (demons) particles are constantly popping in and out of existence. Sometimes the negative angels will offer ideas and ideologies such as manipulation and indoctrination to those who want to bully others. People who want to control others act upon these negative ideas. This isn’t anything new, as mankind has been obtaining assistance from negative forces since the beginning of civilization.

Today, in the Age of Aquarius, controlling information and the mind is the objective. As a result, the technology in accomplishing this has evolved into something very formidable. Triangulation, media manipulation, cherry-picked stats, public opinions, pc compliance, digital dogmas, and half-baked truths are just some examples that can interrupt our connection to the network of angels.

What to do in the Age of Aquarius

As long as we are convinced that the counterforces, and the organizations it influences, are our “source”, we have lost sovereignty and sold our number resource: consciousness. Our goals this month are to connect to positive angels and to clear out the channels of manifestation so they can bring all the light we have revealed into the world without obstruction. We are supported in these efforts by the timing of the Tree of Life Journey which is an effective way to detach from these influences. Taurus is the only sign that falls within the yearly seven-week journey through the Tree of Life. Now more than ever, we need to take refuge within the Tree of Life to manifest all the light and magic surrounding the earth. There is more magic than ever, just waiting for us to use it, and now is the time.

We can use the entire month of Taurus to set up what we want to experience in the hologram we know as life. No matter what is going on, remain grounded and enduring as this is a time to build upon what has begun! There are some major hacks that we can employ this year, and we will need them. These hacks will be discussed in more detail within the Taurus Season Workshop with Sunlight Meditation.

We will need to clear the channels of manifestation during Taurus Season. Please do not neglect the unique opportunity to participate in the 7 Week Tree of Life Journey to align with life, invite the angels on your side and build without failure. It’s to come to life.


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