Tap Into Your Creative Energy Under Quarantine…

Tap Into Your Creative Energy Under Quarantine

It won’t be long before our obligations to society are restored. Until that time comes, allow your mind to rest and let your spirit loose. By detaching your energy from the tragic happenings of the pandemic, you may be able to utilize your powers to their fullest potential.

Focus on pacifying your surroundings to release your subconscious out of its lifelong obligation of being a giver to society. This way, your psyche can prioritize self-exploration and lead you to discover your natural gifts. Doing so can give you more room to spend additional time doing what makes you happy.

Times change, but people don’t.

Although the weight of COVID-19 makes us feel as if we’re the first to ever experience such a thing, I assure you we’re not. This has happened time and time again. Essentially every era in history has faced a massive health crisis, and the default human reaction has remained the same: quarantining until it passes.

When The Black Death swept through England, Sir Isaac Newton fled to the countryside to avoid getting infected. There aren’t many other ways to pass time when under hiding rather than letting your brain do what it knows best. Doing so is how Newton developed calculus, optics, the laws of motion, and gravity.

Shakespeare used his natural gifts in a similar way when The Black Death touched down in London. Just like businesses are closed due to COVID-19 today, the same happened in 1592. Before the virus, Shakespeare was a playwright and actor – but with theaters closed for 6 months, he turned to poetry to pay his bills. This is when he penned Venus and Adonis and The Rape of Lucrece. Society went back to normal until 1606 when London was hit with another Black Death outbreak, causing theaters to close again. This is likely the same year Shakespeare wrote King Lear, Macbeth, and Antony & Cleopatra.

Do you think Newton and Shakespeare were trying for monumental innovations? Of course, not. They were as ordinary as we are. The point is, our natural gifts are more valuable to the world than they are to us.

Taking control of this quarantine by being mindful can lead you to find your underlying gifts. So, if there’s a skill our society has stolen time from you in heightening, now is the time for you to sharpen it. If there’s a hobby you’ve been halted from engaging in, or a project you’ve been dying to complete, now is the time.

We may never have this kind of time to focus on ourselves again. Despite their tragic effects, epidemics spur innovative thinking that lead to historical innovations. What inner-gift do you think this quarantine could help you discover?


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