3 Ways To Take Your Yoga Practice To The Next Level…

3 Ways To Take Your Yoga Practice To The Next Level

Elevate Your Yoga!

As humans, we are creatures of habit, easily consumed by routine and schedule.

When we become stuck in patterns on and off the mat, it can be tiresome and hard to continue.

Try these three techniques to reinvigorate and elevate your practice.

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1. Non Attachment

Yoga is a continuous practice of surrender. The goal is to release that which does not serve you.

A wonderful way to challenge your ability to let go is by taking away one of the senses.

Most of us have tried closing our eyes during the occasional tree pose, but what about through a flowing sequence?

The Method

Challenge yourself to close your eyes next time you flow through a warrior series and see how much deeper you go within your body. Without the sense of sight, so much more awareness can be brought internally.

You will find movements more deliberate and articulated, and transitions more important—otherwise, you might topple over!

Tip: If you’re not ready to close your eyes all the way quite yet, try for a slow blink. This will still challenge your balance and give less power to the eyes.

2. Break Patterns

It is ironic that yoga is viewed as an exercise for the flexible, when in fact, our practice can be quite rigid and structured.

Start to deconstruct mental barriers by changing up the way you practice.

The Method

An easy way to start is by beginning with the left side in your pose. Try a whole sequence starting with the left side, and you’ll notice your tendency to want to start with the right out of habit.

It might even feel uncomfortable and strange in your body to begin with the left side. Notice this discomfort without judgment, and observe what thoughts come up because of the change.

It may take more concentration to practice this way, and you might find that you are more mindful as you move because of it.

3. Shift Your Perspective

If you practice in the same area, especially if it’s front of mirror, it may be time to switch things up.

We all have that one spot in the studio that is ours, and we can become quite territorial over it.

The Method

The solution may be to simply choose a different spot in your studio or home, or even take your practice outside to connect with nature. What I suggest is that you face away from the mirror and observe the difference.

I find my balance is completely changed, and I am able to go deeper within rather than constantly focus my attention outwards.

The mirror is great to check your alignment, but its easy to get lost in its depths.

It might be uncomfortable at first, but withdrawing from your physical reflection will bring you deeper into the practice of yoga as you let go of the superficial.


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Anika De Vore

Anika is a professional ballet dancer as well as 200 hr certified yoga instructor. She finds yoga to be the balance needed in the stresses of a rigorous profession. She is awed by the powerful healing qualities of yoga for both mind and body and wishes to pass this experience on to others through her teaching.

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