If you have been considering attending your first yoga festival, but are overwhelmed with your online searches, consider what is most important for you to focus on. There are hundreds of yoga festivals to choose from all around the world and each has a specialty, theme or focus. If you are a beginner looking…

Psychospiritual Anatomy Long ago, in many primitive cultures, when someone had a disabling condition, it was thought to be the work of a demon who had either projected some object (a dart, a worm, etc.) inside the person’s body, or had extracted the patient’s soul. The best cure was thought to be trepanning, or making…

Prana Vayu and Life Force Prana (also known as Prana Vayu), or life force, is the Sanskrit word for the energy that permeates everything in the universe. Prana is an extremely important concept to understand, as it has an inescapable link to the process of enlightenment for Hindus, Buddhists, and Tantric traditions. For those that…

My Goals: Yoga allowed my to find my own voice and to share what is dear to my heart. I train teachers and I love to help my students remember their own voices and to share it in an authentic way. I’m excited to be presenting Para Yoga throughout Europe and have a desire to continue…

Kundalini: The Hidden Energy of the Spine Kundalini is considered to be the most important force in the human body. This is because (according to Vedic texts) Kundalini is what gives us the power to move; it’s energy comes from nothing less than the soul. In Hinduism and Buddhism, Kundalini is inseparable from spiritual living….

Kundalini and the Spine Kundalini is one of the most important (if not, THE most important) concepts in yoga to understand. Kundalini is the dormant energy latent within every human being. The general idea of kundalini was laid out in the Upanishads over 3,000 years ago, and became the driving theory behind almost every aspect…

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