Symptoms You’re Fluctuating And How To Quickly Realign With Your Higher Self…

Symptoms You’re Fluctuating And How To Quickly Realign With Your Higher Self

Symptoms you’re fluctuating and how to quickly realign with your Higher Self

Fluctuations. One moment you’re on a roll in your life.

You’re doing all of the right things — you’re eating well, you’re meditating, you’re working out.

You feel motivated, excited, and productive towards your vision, towards your greater goals.

And then… You fluctuate.

Out of the blue, something changes.

Something’s shifted in you. You feel more tired, less present. You feel a yourself reaching towards old, unhealthy habits… You might not feel terrible, but you just feel… less good.

This is a fluctuation.

The truth is, if you are human, you are going to fluctuate. You just are.

BUT, through my own experience and many, many fluctuation lessons, I’ve learned some amazing tools in how to respond to them so we can disrupt the fluctuation and quickly reconnect with our Greatest Self.

First things first, it’s important to recognize the signs of fluctuations.

You are probably fluctuating if:

1. You’re reaching back for old habits.

You’re biting your nails again. You feel the urge to grab a pack of cigarettes even though you quit smoking. You feel a tendency to see or speak to old friends, ex lovers, or people who might not be the best for you but you feel called to seeing them again.

2. You feel slightly worse

You don’t have to be deeply depressed to consider it ‘fluctuating’. Most of the time, it’s just a very subtle energetic shift where we feel a little more dull — a little more negative.

3. You feel more foggy / less present

You’ll feel like a less radiant version of yourself.

4. Your sleep patterns are off

Are your sleep patterns off because you’re fluctuating or are you fluctuating because your sleep patterns are off? (probably, both).

5. You don’t feel a desire to commit to yourself and the things that excite you when you feel your best

You know longer feel a desire to meditate, to go to the gym, to cook yourself healthy food.

The things that you normally love doing when you’re feeling your best are no longer interesting you.

6. You’re seeking external distractions

Not only are you seeking outside of yourself for distractions, but they’re also less fulfilling.

You’re keeping yourself more busy but it’s not actually serving you. You feel like you want to be social, but socializing leaves you feeling empty.


It’s okay! It’s a part of being human.

Of course we all want to feel ambitious, motivated, and excited to be alive all of the time. BUT, the sooner we can accept that we WILL fluctuate, the sooner we can move through the process below which will help us stop the downward spiral and activate us again towards our BEST self.

Tools to DISRUPT & REVERSE the fluctuation:


This is the most important step, and if this is all you do regarding your fluctuations then you have done enough.

Step one is awareness. Become aware of what’s happening. Tell yourself — “Hey… I think I’m just going through a fluctuation right now. And that’s okay.”

The moment we become aware of something, it loses its power over us.


The next step is to forgive yourself for fluctuating.

Whatever your fluctuation looks like — forgive yourself! Even if you’re smoking again, having sex with a toxic ex, or have completely lost sight of your big goals.. It’s okay.

It’s a part of life. And you’re never ‘wrong’. You’re human.

If you decide to continue the fluctuation — decide to have fun with it. Enjoy the toxic sex. Enjoy the cigarettes. If you’re going to do it, at least release the guilt and the shame and have fun with it. 


Now it’s time to choose.

You always have free will. You can fluctuate if you want to. Like I said, it’s fun!

It’s your choice to start smoking again. It’s your choice to stop going to the gym.

 You can choose whatever you want to, because we live a fu*ing incredible life where we can do WHATEVER WE WANT. It’s super cool.

However, you can also choose a different way. If you want to change, if you want to stop the pattern, if you want to return to feeling your lightest, brightest, and very best self, YOU CAN CHOOSE THIS TOO.

If you choose to release the fluctuation and reverse… continue to the next step!


Your BIGGEST vision. Your life vision.

The vision that lights you up, that at one point made you feel excited to be alive. The vision, the goal, that you were once striving towards before the fluctuation began.

Step one, is you need to take time to reconnect with this vision.

Write down your vision every single day. Meditate on it, visualize it. Feel it. 

As soon as you start to reconnect to your vision, even if it doesn’t feel alive or activated yet (because when you’re fluctuating it probably won’t and that’s normal). DO IT ANYWAYS. RECONNECT TO YOUR VISION.


When we’re fluctuating, you will probably be avoiding yourself and you’ll have a greater tendency to distract yourself through other people.

You might not feel great when you’re by yourself, so you’re looking for external happiness.

LISTEN TO ME. Take time alone. 

Turn off your phone. Take a social media detox if you can, even if it’s just for one day.

No matter how many people want your time and energy — SAY NO. Take time alone. And lay the fuck down — for at least 20 minutes and close your eyes.


6. Nature

Get your butt into nature.

Nature is the simplest and most profound medicine to reconnect us to ourselves.

Even if you live in a city, take a walk.

Wake up to the sunrise, take time out of your day to watch the sunset.

Walk barefoot in the grass.

Talk to the moon, the sun, the stars. Tell them what you’re feeling. Ask them to help you reconnect.

7. Kriya. Kriya. Kriya.

My go-to, every time.

Kriyas are yogic techniques that can use a combination of breath, sound, mudra, and movement that create a rapid shift in your state of consciousness.

For me, this is the quickest way for me to reconnect to my channel, to my Highest Self, and to shift my energy.

They’re super effective, and the shift happens FAST. In just one minute of practicing a certain kriya you will notice a powerful shift.

If you’ve never heard of kriya, try this video, here.

8. Ice bath / sauna

Hot and cold therapy are two of my favorite ways to center myself and calm the mind. If you can access a sauna and an icebath, I highly recommend this.

9. Clear out people / energies that aren’t supporting the version of yourself you want to amplify.

Enough said ^^.

10. Tune into the energy and recognize the elements

What are you feeling from this fluctuation? Are you feeling fiery? Angry, anxious, upset, triggered?

This is the result of a lot of fire — a lot of HEAT. Therefore, it would be useful for you to cultivate the opposite of heat — cool down!

You can do this by eat cooling foods, resting, taking a cold shower, to name a few.

On the other side, maybe you need some more heat.

If you’re feeling stagnant, lathargic, or bored, you probably need to cultivate a fire practice.

A sweaty workout. Breath of fire. A nice long run. These practices will help cultivate more heat in the body and clear out any stagnant energies.

11. Fear journaling

Take our your journal, and literally write down every single fear that is in your head.

This is a very powerful practice to bring awareness towards what’s really upsetting us and triggering the fluctuation.

Like step one, once we become aware of what’s creating a block, we can have the clarity to see that it’s probably not true, it’s temporary, and it’s going to be okay.


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