Symbolism Of A Circle

Symbols are brought into our lives to awaken our soul, bring lessons, and to heal. From ancient practices, art, to a witchy touch, shapes embody a spiritual culture.

The circle is the symbol of divine energy. It has a feminine touch that embodies compassion, manifestation, and infinity. There’s an openness to it, something that brings peace and comfort when looked at.

It’s cyclical, encapsulating new beginnings, connecting with seasonal and lunar transitions. Even the planets, chakras, and our breath cycle is circular. The circle is natural grounding, making it earthy and otherworldly all at once.

The circle is a cosmic flow that connects us to karma and goddess.

Placing your crystals in the form of a circle helps activate their energy and create a space of purity. From casting a circle to placing your crystals under the moon, it’s working with the cyclical energy of cosmic creation.

From Egypt to Caves within Northern America, this shape is found throughout history. The sacred circle is protection, creation, balance, and evolution and saturated in mysticism. The druids used circles to strength their intuitive presence, symbols of the cosmos. Stone circles were scattered across the United Kingdom wells of ancient magick.

I started painting circles with watercolors. I love the life it has with the play of shadows and light. The circle has such a depth to it, a presence that unifies, expands, and brings forth a dreamy wonderment.

Chakra Pocket Stones - Set of 7

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Chakra Pocket Stones


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