Surrendering During Covid-19…

Surrendering During Covid-19

I have avoided writing about the covid-19 pandemic because what is left to say? My personal musings would disappear. There’s information everywhere and shocking stats on who died yesterday.

It feels surreal. Juggling a new norm of working from home and running online Zoom meetings. Luckily I don’t have to also juggle kids screaming in the background. And I live in abundance. I’m not in a tin shack in a South African ex-Apartheid township.

I have my family around me. I am privileged and safe. As long as we’re sensible we can ride it out unscathed.

But we’re all one. Only kilometres away (or miles since I am in the UK) hospital staff are desperate to save lives. It hardly seems fair.

I’d like to help and volunteer in some way but if I am exposed I am risking our lives, especially my Dad who has COPD. (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). He struggles to breathe every day.

Talk about a lesson in gratitude and compassion. Never mind the very obvious connection that we all have. It’s not just a lesson in being grateful for my breath but it’s a very clear message that nothing separates us. Covid-19 doesn’t discriminate between us. Even Boris Johnson and Prince Charles had it. And see how Jacinda Adern has responded with so much humanity and compassion.

So how can I help then? Every morning when I take time for my devotions I am contributing my energetic state to the pea soup of our collective consciousness. When I step into my Mum’s Reiki Sanctuary each morning and I tap, meet my subconscious fear, chant and meditate I add my energetic contribution to this illusion that we call life.

And I am grateful for every breath I take. No more rushing to project meetings and pushing hard to get things done. I’m doing what I can, surprisingly effectively from home. And surrendering to much needed rest.

I hand it over to you God. I surrender and I pray for mercy and grace.


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I am a qualified Intuitive Intelligence Trainer, having graduated as a Third Level Priestess with the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence.

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