SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga

SUP stands for Stand-Up Paddle. This form of yoga is called STAND UP PADDLE BOARD Yoga. This yoga practice usually takes place in the middle of the sea, or in calm water.

Now we know about SUP yoga. What are the benefits?

• Yoga practice takes place in a natural, pleasant atmosphere and this helps to relieve stress

• It helps in improving breathing techniques

• Helps to strengthen new muscles

• Improves flexibility

• Since it is practiced in the middle of the water it helps to improve balance

• Promotes mindfulness

• Helps to increase blood circulation

• Produces a calming effect to the mind

• It challenges your disposition and empowers

These are some of the benefits of SUP Yoga. There is much more to it. And of course, some of us are now excited to try poses in the middle of the water. You might not be able to do all the poses. Below are poses that are designed for beginners.

But before moving to the poses there are three things you should follow before beginning.

1. You should slow down your breath, your actions since you are practicing in the water you need to maintain balance.

2. You should be aware of where you are seated on your mat. You should be seated in the middle to maintain balance and to reduce the risk of falling into the water

3. You should have a focus. By losing focus you tend to lose balance which might increase the risk of you falling into the water.

SUP Yoga for beginners

1. Easy seated pose

Sit with your hips on the handle and rest your hands on the knees. Sit up straight, take a deep breath and notice the water movements beneath you.

2. Plank pose

Lie on your stomach, with your hands pressed to the ground about your head. Gently rise your arms and your body. Breath in and out.

3. Cobra pose

Place your belly on the handle, hands beneath the shoulder, and place your elbow towards each other. Breath in and lift your shoulders, head, and chest.

4. Wide-leg standing forward pose

Place both your hands in front of the knee and spread your legs apart. Apply equal pressure as you rotate. Lower heels to the opposite side, place your hands beneath the shoulders, stretch your legs wider than your hip, and keep your toes slightly in. Breath in and out.

5. Savasana pose

Nothing is complete with this pose. Lie of your back to the board. Widen your legs a little and drop your hands. Close your eyes, breath in and out. Enjoy the relaxation with sun-kissed.

Follow these steps and practice and make more adventures than this. Good luck.


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