Summer Solstice, Solar Eclipse and New Moon In Cancer Power House Shifts!…

Summer Solstice, Solar Eclipse and New Moon In Cancer Power House Shifts!

Are you feeling agitated and confused? Angry and powerless? Are you feeling insecure and shaky? Is your relationship going through some profound shifts in ways that you didn’t expect?

If you are going through any of these emotions, rest assured you are not alone.

With the upcoming Solar Eclipse and the New Moon in Cancer, we are approaching a magnitude shift on the planet that is going to wipe out any hope of going back to what we knew before Covid19.

As we know, Eclipses create strong momentum and amplify the energies present in the Cosmos for up to six months. This Eclipse is the second of the year, and it’s already shaking our ground; keep in mind this year, we will have a total of six Eclipses.

The 2020 wave of change and evolution is an ongoing one. 2020 is leading us down a fiery path giving us the option to awaken or to get burned. We are at the dawn of a process of transformation that humanity has not as yet known.

The New Moon in Cancer will shake up the core of our insecurities and fears, help us come out of the false shell of mended wounds and compromised limitations, and discover who we are and who we are becoming as we reach the fullest expression of ourselves. We will need to detach a little bit to understand that we deserve to be respected and safe and heal the wounds that make us not feel loved, or not feeling good enough.

Following the Summer Solstice, the Sun energy supports the sacred masculine giving impetus to our inner leadership to merge and flourish. The Solar Eclipse in Cancer will bring fire into matters of family, heart, work, and our relationship between the material and spiritual worlds.

The Solar Eclipse is already amplifying energies of anger, war, revenge, and resentment. Be aware of your emotions, be gentle with yourself, and understand that it is time to heal old wounds that keep you in a negative cycle. It is not an easy process, but it is essential to bring your real sense of self through compassion.

We have entered a Retrograde season, which means we are dealing with the past. Venus and Mercury are among the planets going retrograde. Venus is going to be very close to the earth but invisible to the human eye, impacting our love life, sparking queries, and confrontations, but also allowing hangovers of past love stories to be released for good.

The ultimate result of this wave of evolution is to discipline ourselves into a new routine of self-awareness, culminating with a release of an intense period of pain and poison that we have been sitting on individually and globally.

Take time to prepare; Meditate, journal, use this POWERFUL Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Cancer as an opportunity of transformation.


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