A Beltane Meditation: Connect With The Energy Of The Start Of Summer…

A Beltane Meditation: Connect With The Energy Of The Start Of Summer


Beltane is the pagan celebration of the arrival of Summer.

May Day is the secular celebration of Beltane, with its traditional maypole dance.

A tall pole is planted in the earth and decorated with flowers and long ribbons.

This lovely and seemingly innocent custom has its roots in Beltane’s powerful energy of celebrating the creation of new life.

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The Green Man

The Green Man is the pagan God that beckons us at Beltane.

He is the guardian of the wild world, and the master of the mysteries of life and creation.

With Summer’s arrival, the Green Man walks the land, leaving a trail of burgeoning life in His wake.

His touch is a quickening magic that spreads like wildfire, igniting the hungry impulses of life to create new life.

All living things, including humankind, are beholden to the Green Man’s powers.  

At Beltane, you can align your spiritual journey with the delicious, transformative energies of the wild world.

Now is the time to surrender to your innate, powerful desire to make love and make life, and to bud and flourish in the sunlit realm from the essence of your most beautiful, soulful self.

A Beltane Meditation  

Close your eyes and use your breath to ground yourself.

Track the soft, sensual rhythms of your breath, slow, slow in, slow, slow out. Follow this pattern over and over, emptying yourself of thoughts and concerns, until your body feels supple, enervated and relaxed.

Reach your awareness and senses outward toward the exuberant ways in which Nature is bursting forth new life, and the wild world energies of sex and birth; draw these energies into your body and let them connect you to the erotic, sensual currents that infuse the Green Man’s Beltane magic.

Imagine a forest wilderness decked out in its glorious, Beltane display of new growth: the bright, leaf green canopy of trees, the musky scents of mating animals, and the melodic communion of nesting birds.

Open to your primal desire to be part of this life-creating-life dance, and for your deepest essence and beauty to find form and expression in your outer existence.

Surrender to your desire. Become the lover that says yes to life’s embrace, and the Green Man will come to you.

Abandon yourself to the love and life-making dance that arises between you and the Green Man.

Whatever you need, in whatever form, the Green Man will give to you, for He is the lover-God whose ardor can spark new life and possibilities within you.

Luxuriate in His delicious companionship. Savor His taste of the wilderness and the delicious joining of your outer forms and inner energies.

Let Him fill you, fill you, fill you, and receive His igniting, transforming magic with your whole being.  

The End of a Sacred Union

When this magical union feels complete, seal it with a sweet, gentle kiss.

Then say goodbye to the Green Man with words of love and gratitude.

Let the forest landscape fade away. Use your breath to bring you back into your physical body and waking reality.

Do not doubt that you have been changed by this sacred union with the Green Man. But your work has just begun.

You must become the lover of your own life, tending your new growth, cultivating your deepest beauty, and making the most with what you have been given.

It is time to dig deep, shine bright and to embrace the magnificent gift that is your Self.


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