Stressed? Seek Balance

One day after spending far too much time in heavy intellectual pursuits and intense personal confrontations, I found myself stressed, depressed, and exhausted.

I tried a variety of coping mechanisms I had used in the past, all of which helped, but ultimately did not solve the problem. I created two new recipes and enjoyed the meals. The activity, exploration, and gustatory pleasure was satisfying. Then came the letdown – I felt the same as I had before the experiences.

I painted. An enjoyable pursuit – the creativity and the visual and tactile experience made me happy for as long as I concentrated on the activity. But again, I catapulted from the high of success to the chasm of loneliness and boredom.

Concentration on my surroundings – cold, damp, and gloomy – helped occupy me for a while,

but again the success was transitory.

Finally, I took stock: my experiments to lift my mood were successful for a while, but something was missing from the mix. I realized that, in experimenting with a variety of activities, I had left one sense out of the equation – that of auditory stimulation. I stopped and turned on music. I played a variety – whatever appealed at the moment. I played moody mixes, music bright and rhythmic, and sentimental slush. In the end, I felt completely satisfied – a whole person.

You may wish to try this technique when you feel burned out. Seek to experience a variety of activities, and ones that engage all of your senses. Absent the possibility of this, engage your senses singly, or two or three at a time. In essence, plan activities which create balance and equilibrium in your brain and in your body. Like a seaside cyclist, you’ll find balance and variety are vital.


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